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So lets run down a few facts.   Fred Thompson jumped into the race months after the others did.  He has been ignored by the press after the first week of his announcement and he has spent about one half of one percent of what the other big guys have spent and he still finished third in Iowa.  A state that is not the make or break state in this primary.

And still the MSM is ignoring him.  It’s all about how poor Mitt did and how well McCain did.  Stuck between the two is the man surging and he is ignored.

But that doesn’t bother Fred, he is ready for the next dance:

All in all I’m happy.  He went in with barely anyone noticing but his video messages, especially the 17 minute one in which he laid out why he is the best choice amongst the field, has helped propel him just behind Mitt who spent kazillions on the state. 

Now on to New Hampshire.


Amazing how this works huh?

To my best memory, none of the pundits at Fox News Channel had
predicted this week that Thompson would rank that high, yet instead of
commenting on Thompson doing unexpectedly well, the pundits at Fox —
when they talked about Thompson at all — joined Mike Allen of Politico
in concluding that a third place finish means Thompson’s campaign is at
death’s door.

At the same time, Allen and the pundits were very
enthused about McCain’s possible fourth place finish, stating he was in
great position for the future.

Say again?

As Rush Limbaugh noted today, the media seem to be falling in line behind a “McCain comeback” story, and they’re thus shaping the facts to fit that scenario.

And the MSM bias rolls on….

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