Posted by Curt on 27 September, 2007 at 2:53 pm. 2 comments already!


These people are just insane.  Here is Sidney Blumenthal (yes, shouldn’t be surprised that this man is insane) on the Rathergate story:

Within minutes of the conclusion of the broadcast, conservative bloggers launched a counterattack. The chief of these critics was a Republican Party activist in Georgia. Almost certainly, these bloggers, who had been part of meetings or conference calls organized by Karl Rove’s political operation, coordinated their actions with Rove’s office.

Almost certainly?  Man, you have us now Sidney.  You finally figured out that the timing of the posts to FR could not be because someone saw something fishy in Dan’s report.  Fire doesn’t melt steel and no one questions CBS dammit.  Everyone accepts anything coming out of Dan Rathers mouth as gospel and if they don’t its all because of Rove!

Anyone who has ever used a manual typewriter, meaning someone over the age of 40, could have put two and two together Sidney, I’m sorry to say.

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