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I found this “blurb” from the US News and World Report fairly telling:

Seriously, for those of you in the appeasement camp, how can “we” negotiate with minds like this, that HONESTLY believe 9/11 was a government-orchestrated, Jewish-centric plot? How is it possible to reason with a portion of people who believe the vitriol that emanates from their imams, or a joke of a media outlet (Al Jazeera)?

For those of you on the Left that castigate and ridicule all things Christian, how do you side with a group of people more religious and fanatical in their fervor> Why do you treat this religion with kid gloves, when this group of people loathe you for your godless ways, your tolerance of homosexuality, women’s rights, pornography, etc.?

Polls: Show Most Muslims Do Not Believe Arabs Perpetrated 9/11

The Washington Post reports this morning that "many in the Arab world are convinced that the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 was not the work of Arab terrorists but was a controlled demolition; that 4,000 Jews working there had been warned to stay home that day; and that the Pentagon was struck by a missile rather than a plane." A report last year by the Pew Global Attitudes Project "found that the number of Muslims worldwide who do not believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11 attacks is soaring — to 59 percent of Turks and Egyptians, 65 percent of Indonesians, 53 percent of Jordanians, 41 percent of Pakistanis and even 56 percent of British Muslims."

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