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So Harry Reid and his fellow cut n’ runners decided to go through with their stunt of sleeping on cots and eating pizza’s all night like little schoolgirls at a slumber party. 

WASHINGTON  —  Senate Democrats staged an all-night debate on the Iraq war in a dramatic attempt to wear down Republicans who refuse to vote to begin to bring troops home by fall.

Republicans responded with a yawn — agreeing to stay around and respond to any votes that might be scheduled around-the-clock but remaining steadfast in their opposition to the Democrats’ anti-war legislation.

"This is nonsense," said Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska.

Added Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., of his Democratic colleagues: "I bet I can stay up longer than they can."

And so he did, speaking on the floor after even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had retired, a little after midnight, to a cot set up in a parlor adjacent to his office.

We’re we supposed to care?  Michelle Malkin stayed up pretty damn late to liveblog the thing, check it out here.  She posted snippets of various speeches but my favorite so far was by Sen. Cornyn:

“I don’t believe our presence in Iraq is merely optional. I don’t believe our colleagues who say the only thing that is missing is pressure on Iraqi government…I believe the consequences of (withdrawing) would be disastrous for American national security…blasts Dems who want instant resolution on oil revenue-sharing when American government can’t solve insolvency of our Social Security system…I just think that some of my colleagues are taking an unrealistic approach to how fast we expect Iraqi govt to solve its problems…if you listen not to the armchair generals in Washington, D.C., but to the generals on the ground, Gen. Petraeus, they have stated clearly the consequences of failure to the United States…War is an interactive affair. We can quit fighting, but it doesn’t mean our enemies will. It’s almost as if some of our colleagues want to pull the sheets over their heads and pretend the threat doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, life is not that simple and the threat is not so illusory.

At one point during the debate Sen. Menendez put up this signL

Which was ripe for some photoshopping.  My favorite so far from Dan Riehl:

After the all nighter theatrics they finally started voting a few minutes ago stand by for the results.


Surprise…surprise, vote fails.  Reid begins whining like a schoolgirl: (via Michelle Malkin)

Update 11:26am Eastern FAILED TO REACH 60-VOTE THRESHOLD…52-47. Droopy dog Harry Reid is back on the floor to whine. Castigates Republicans for “supporting the president instead of our troops.” Here comes a serving of BDS/MoveOn talking points: Troops were taken to war “falsely, prematurely, and recklessly.” Wants up-down votes on four other amendments in exchange for up-down on Levin-Reed.

McConnell reserves right to object. Quotes Claude Raines in Casablanca, “Gambling in Casablanca? Round up the usual suspects.” McConnell jibes: “60 votes in the Senate? As common as gambling in Casablanca.”

Reid and McConnell sparring.


Reid, still acting like a schoolgirl, can’t admit he is wrong so instead he pulls the Defense Authorization bill from consideration:

In an in-your-face response to Republicans continuing to block a full Senate vote on withdrawing American troops from Iraq, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just moments ago set aside the pending Defense Authorization Bill until the Senate’s Republican leadership stops defying the will of the majority of Congress and the American people and allows votes on the Iraq occupation.

Which is quite humorous and sad in a couple different ways.  First, he thinks punishing our troops is the answer to getting his way.  Second, the bill means nothing:

While the authorization bill set priorities for things like weapons systems in the defense budget, only the appropriations bill actually funds those priorities — and, unlike what we said earlier it’s not strictly necessary to pass the authorization first, though it is customary.

In short, from the perspective of Pentagon operations, the lack of an authorization bill "isn’t a problem, period, as long as an appropriations bill is passed," says Steve Koziack of the Center on Strategic and Budgetary Priorities.

More stunts….how surprising.

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