Posted by Curt on 21 February, 2007 at 8:47 am. Be the first to comment!

You just have to check out Tom Maguire’s demolishing of Larry Johnson, the loony VIPer, here:

Larry Johnson discredits himself and ought to keep a civil tongue when speaking of his betters.  He also ought to end his campaign to confuse the media

{…]In addition to his inability or unwillingness to comprehend and address Ms. Toensing’s basic point about the distinction between "covert" and "classified", Larry Johnson reveals a failure to follow along at the Libby trial.

[…]I’m pretty sure that Mr. Johnson does not need to use the phrase "reading disability" until he chooses to write an autobiography

[…]I propose my own dichotomy – there are two types of people in the world: those who think Larry Johnson is a partisan hack, and those who think he is a hack.

Of course there is meat to Tom’s post but I just highlighted some of the better descriptions of Larry and his writing.  In a nutshell Larry Johnson writes a few posts claiming that Plame was covert when nothing of the sort was introduced at the trial, nor even close to being the truth.  She was classified, but not covert.  He then proceeds to spew forth facts that were not really facts, more like rumors.

Well worth your time to read the whole thing.