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Bill Costlow, the CPATT (Civilian Police Assistance Training Team) representative, has some more information regarding the discovery of Jamil Hussein:


Here’s what I can tell you:

1. Media reports about Jamil didn’t use his name as he is known at  work so we had trouble finding him (Jamil Gulaim as opposed to Jamil Hussein: the initial query we got  from MNFI was for "Jamil Hussein").

2. The real issue is this:  Jamil works in Al Khadra (think of Staten Island) — he’s telling the media about Al Hurriah murders (Think of Queens — it’s a different area of the city):

  • Why would any reporter consider this guy a reliable source under these circumstances?
  • When you consider that he’s been quoted in more than 60 AP stories, you have to ask how much of that information was secondhand or rumor, considering there is no evidence this last report of his ever happened.
  • There’s been a series of murders reported by the AP
    • There are no bodies.
    • The source is a police officer from a different area of the city
    • There’s no official police report to refer to — so where did the information come from?
    • The bodies were reportedly taken to a hospital morgue that doesn’t have a morgue
    • There are no family member reports, complaints or interviews
    • There are no pictures or video of the event.
    • None of the other media in Baghdad are covering this

3. The MOI doesn’t follow AP or any other western media source closely: they are very busy trying to impact the security situation — what raised the issue for them was a request from MNFI Public Affairs to confirm the event actually happened.

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Which throws a monkey wrench into the AP assertion that the MoI was inept in not searching for Jamil Hussein via his middle name.

Khalaf offered no explanation Thursday for why the ministry had initially denied Hussein’s existence, other than to state that its first search of records failed to turn up his full name. He also declined to say how long the ministry had known of its error and why it had made no attempt in the past six weeks to correct the public record.

In reality this guy apparently didn’t use his last name much but instead went by Jamil Gulaim. 

Additionally, this may very well be the same guy that the MoI had believed was the Jamil Hussein we were looking for last week but he denied on December 21st that he was ever a source for the AP:

my CPATT sources informed me today that MOI officials have now questioned Captain Jamil Ghlaim at MOI headquarters. Ghlaim continues to deny speaking to AP or any other media outlet.

Not only did he deny being the source, he challanged anyone to prove he was a source:

"I am challenging any one can prove by recording or film that I did that"

So hold your horses everyone. 

Bill is in Kuwait at the moment heading to Baghdad and will have more infomation later.