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Another day another attempt by our MSM to twist and turn a story to their liking. Their liking being anything that shows the United States as losers. The New York Times headline yesterday:

Kissinger Says Victory in Iraq Is Not Possible

Oh no! Say it isn’t so.

But wait, lets read the story a bit:

“If you mean, by ‘military victory,’ an Iraqi government that can be established and whose writ runs across the whole country, that gets the civil war under control and sectarian violence under control in a time period that the political processes of the democracies will support, I don’t believe that is possible,” Mr. Kissinger told BBC News.

So as Dafydd noticed what we have here is a MSM outfit skewing the story to fit their interpretation of the world.

Kissinger said he doesn’t think it’s possible to accomplish the job in the amount of time the leftists in this country will accept. Period.

Which means 5 minutes.

If our country would suck up all the despair, wailing, and crying, then maybe….just maybe, we could accomplish that which 2700 soldiers gave their lives for.

Kissinger knows this but isn’t too optimistic, especially after the Democratic win on November 7th, about our country having the balls to finish this damn job.

And yes, this message is pointed at the right side of the aisle also who are in panic mode.

Iraq is one front on the war on terror. It is NOT the whole war. Until the American people realize that we are in for a very long war, on multiple fronts, and begin to support this country against those who wish us ALL dead (except for people like Keith Ellison) we will lose.

People need to stop watching 5 minute soundbites on their evening news and declaring all is lost. Did the American people do this in 1943 when our backs were against the wall? No.

And it shouldn’t be happening now in 2006.

Do we see this kind of stuff from the Evening News and the NYT’s?

While the world’s attention has been focused on Baghdad’s slide into sectarian warfare, something remarkable has been happening in Ramadi, a city of 400,000 inhabitants that al-Qaeda and its Iraqi allies have controlled since mid-2004 and would like to make the capital of their cherished Islamic caliphate.

A power struggle has erupted: al-Qaeda’s reign of terror is being challenged. Sheikh Sittar and many of his fellow tribal leaders have cast their lot with the once-reviled US military. They are persuading hundreds of their followers to sign up for the previously defunct Iraqi police. American troops are moving into a city that was, until recently, a virtual no-go area. A battle is raging for the allegiance of Ramadi’s battered and terrified citizens and the outcome could have far-reaching consequences.

Ramadi has been the insurgency’s stronghold for the past two years. It is the conduit for weapons and foreign fighters arriving from Syria and Saudi Arabia. To reclaim it would deal a severe blow to the insurgency throughout the Sunni triangle and counter mounting criticism of the war back in America.

Sheikh Sittar and US commanders believe that the tide is turning in their favour. “Most of the people are now convinced that coalition forces are friends, and that the enemy is al-Qaeda,” the 35-year-old Sheikh claimed in his first face-to-face interview with a Western newspaper.

“Al-Qaeda is now on the run,” Colonel Sean MacFarland, commander of the 5,000 US troops in Ramadi, told The Times at his headquarters just outside the city.

No we don’t. Why? Because the MSM in this country, and the left, believe Baghdad is Iraq. Nevermind the peace in the rest of the country. Nevermind the Sunni’s in other parts who side with the Coalition against Al-Qaeda. Nevermind all the Iraqi military units who have COMPLETE control of many provinces.

Sometimes I want to slap you defeatists upside your head.

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Sometimes I want to slap you defeatists upside your head.

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