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Now this is rich.

Here is the allmighty KOS….cough loser cough….about the recent gift from Kerry:

So John Kerry mangles a sentence in a public appearance, and the right-wing smear machine and its traditional media enablers are apoplectic. I mean, John Kerry is a, um, junior senator not running for reelection! And he’s, um, a war hero who hates the troops! And um, we hate him because he’s John Kerry!

[…]Kerry has nothing to apologize for. The people who have turned their backs on the troops do. And even though this ridiculousness will lead the evening news, fact is, we should embrace the opportunity to remind Americans how Republicans rally to the “troops” defense only when it suits their own cynical political ends.

Oh really? (via Dread Pundit Bluto)

Does anyone really have to be reminded what Kos and his fellow minions really believe in?

Kerry just had a slip of the tongue young Kos…..he let fly something which you and your fellow cohorts didn’t want out….at least until Nov 8th.

He let out the fact that secretly you hate those troops. You blame them for following orders. You blame them for protecting this country, this country you feel is so evil. You think them ignorant.

Screw them!

Or as Kerry would put it……get an education or you could end up just like them!

You lefties never learn.

UPDATE 0845hrs PST
Ace from Ace of Spades HQ recalls this exchange last night on CNN:

CAFFERTY: Well, listen, it’s tailor-made for the media. We get so sick and tired of, you know, running sound bytes of the candidates that when somebody comes along and does something that’s even this much out of ordinary, we pounce on it like cats on a mouse and drag it around until it’s dismembered on the living room floor.

ZAHN: Will it be dismembered by election night is the question, Jack Cafferty.

CAFFERTY: If we have our way with it, it will be.

BLITZER: I’m sure there’ll be something else that will pop up between and probably an hour from now.

CAFFERTY: One can only hope.

and wonders:

Funny, I don’t seem to recall CNN reporters expressing similar hopes about the Mark Foley story. They seemed to enjoy that one. I wonder what on earth could account for the difference?

I wonder why this would be?

No bias there….

UPDATE 1035hrs PST

Via Michelle Malkin:

Gotta love em..

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