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Allah at Hot Air found a great video made in 2000 that shows the Clinton Administration had Osama in their crosshairs but failed to pull the trigger:


The video makes mention that the drone was not armed at the time but within hours it could have been. Or some missiles could have been fired from off-shore, but alas nothing was done.

The libs can scream and stomp their feet as much as they like about the ABC mini-series, but they cannot rewrite history. I mean come on, these are the same people that embraced Fahrenheit 9/11 as fact….

This fact should tell us everything we need to know when they open their mouths.

Junkyard Blog found this article from 2004 that lets Berger slightly off the hook, but not others:

Clinton also authorized the CIA to carry out operations that legally required the agency’s officers to plan in almost every instance to capture bin Laden alive and bring him to the United States to face trial.

This meant the CIA officers had to arrange in advance for detention facilities, extraction flights and other contingencies — even if they expected that bin Laden would probably die in the arrest attempt. These requirements made operational planning much more cumbersome, the CIA officers contended.

In fashioning this sensitive policy in the midst of an impeachment crisis that lasted into early 1999, Clinton’s national security adviser, Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger, struggled to forge a consensus within the White House national security team. Among other things, he had to keep on board a skeptical Attorney General Janet Reno and her Justice Department colleagues, who were deeply invested in law enforcement approaches to terrorism, according to senior officials involved.

There it is again, something the libs cannot refute as much as they would like to, the fact that the Clinton Administration treated Osama and the war on terror as if it was a police operation. There was no war to them, it was all a law enforcement matter and that simple fact could be the single biggest reason why Osama, Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist who attacked us were not found and killed before they could set their plan in motion in 2001.

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