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So four Democratic Senators bring up resolutions to cut and run from Iraq, and both failed….surprise surprise. Most people in this land, at least those with some common sense…aka non-leftists…understand the importance of finishing a job once started and not sending 25 million over a cliff.

The idiotic Kerry-Feingold was defeated by a 86-13 vote. Last week the almost identical bill was defeated by 93-6. Pushing back the COMPLETE withdrawal by six months picked him up 7 votes.

The almost as idiotic Levin-Reed bill, which calls for the start of withdrawing our troops to begin by the end of the year, was defeated 60-39.

A weird endnote to the Kerry-Feingold bill was that Byrd voted for last weeks version but voted against this weeks version….guess he is going senile in his old age.

The fools who voted FOR these bills either don’t care that a complete withdrawal would leave Iraq to a certain civil war where the radical elements of Islam would prevail.

Together with Iran a united radical Islam would seriously threaten the world. The leftists are either blinded by their hatred of everything Bush or honestly want the destruction of the West to occur.

But go ahead Democrats, keep hanging yourselves….I’m sure this will mean you gain power by 2039 at the latest.

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