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The photo’s of 3 of Tookie’s victims can be seen below. They are graphic so don’t click on them unless you can handle it.

Albert Owens

Tsai-Shai Chen Yang

Yu-Chin Yang Lin

You may recall the name Joseph C. Phillips if you were a Cosby Show fan. He played the husband to Lisa Bonet character. He wrote the below column and it’s a doozy:

Standing outside the walls of San Quentin prison, the rapper Snoop Dogg urged California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to convicted murderer Stan ?Tookie? Williams. Williams, the co founder of the notorious street gang the Crips, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1979 slayings of Albert Owens, Yen-I Yang, his wife, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, and their daughter, Yu-Chin Yang Lin. Barring intervention by the governor, he will die by lethal injection on December 13. Speaking before a thousand young people and supporters, Snoop lectured the governor: “Stanley `Tookie’ Williams is not just a regular old guy, he’s an inspirator?His voice needs to be heard.”

Snoop, Mike Farrell, Danny Glover, Jamie Foxx and the other celebrity voices now raised in support of Williams offer a clear picture of the distorted moral vision of the Hollywood left. It is a vision that finds virtue contemptible and props up homicidal maniacs who write bad children’s books as role models for the masses.

The argument for commutation of Tookie?s sentence centers on all the good work he has done since going to prison. The series of children’s books he has written and his work to stop gang violence is proof of his redemption. His death, they say, will only serve to rob those youth currently in gangs or considering joining gangs, of hope. Witness that his supporters do not claim that Tookie is innocent of his crimes. They are not seeking that Williams be released, only that his sentence be commuted. Williams, however, has never admitted guilt. That little inconsistency suggests the great ?inspirator? is not only an unrepentant murderer, but a liar as well.

The portrayal of Williams as some pied piper of peace for the gang community also holds very little water. A quick review of Book Scan shows the Tookie series of books have hardly been blockbusters. His top seller, ?Gangs and Violence? has sold 330 books. Another book ?Gangs and Wanting to Belong? sold exactly two copies. No one is reading his books, least of all his two sons, one of whom is serving time in San Quentin. The other was just arrested on charges of aggravated rape. Poor book sales are not reason to send someone to the execution chamber, but then Williams was not convicted of lackluster book sales. He was found guilty of shooting four innocent people in cold blood, a fact his supporters continue to forget.

Here again, wealthy celebrities are telling hard working, law-abiding citizens that the example offered by them is inadequate to save their communities; the models of competence, creativity and virtue that are alive in these neighborhoods is simply insufficient. No matter that hundreds of young people find the strength of character ? the hope — to resist the gang life. No matter that many of the stars have themselves found the strength to rise out of the tough streets. All that means nothing as compared to the words and example of Tookie Williams.

On Sunday November 13, one week before the ?Save Tookie? rally at San Quentin, fourteen-year old William Cox and a friend were attending a neighborhood carnival when they were gunned down by a man who mistook them for rival gang members. Cox, who was not in a gang, was struck in the chest and died at the scene. That is the evil wrought by Stanley Williams!

Of course Snoop and Danny Glover did not hold a rally for William Cox. His death went unnoticed by the Hollywood commissars of compassion. They were too busy trying to save the life of a cold-blooded killer to notice one more young life snuffed out by gang violence. That tells you all you need to know about the corrupt vision the Hollywood left has for America.

Also today the California Supreme Court voted down another appeal by Tookie:

The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to halt the scheduled execution of convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips gang founder who became an anti-gang activist while in prison and whose supporters claim has redeemed himself.

In a last-ditch legal move, defense attorneys petitioned the high court earlier this month, alleging shoddy forensic testing and other errors may have wrongly sent Williams to San Quentin State Prison, where he is scheduled die by injection Dec. 13.

And finally, WorldNetDaily wrote about his supposed “good behavior” while in prison:

While Williams’ celebrity cheerleaders have claimed he has been a model prisoner throughout his sentence and have pointed to this as evidence of his rehabilitation, the DA’s report contains 11 examples of incidents for which he was disciplined, beginning in 1981 and continuing through 1993. They include:

* a violent fight with another inmate June 30, 1981, in which he repeatedly struck the prisoner while kneeling over him;

* a refusal to line up for a return to his cell Jan. 26, 1982, in which he threatened a guard;

* throwing a chemical substance in the eyes of a guard Jan. 28, 1982, in an attack that resulted in chemical burns and emergency treatment;

* a second attack on a guard with a chemical substance Jan. 29, 1982;

* an attack on another inmate Feb. 16, 1984, in which Williams only stopped beating the prisoner when a warning shot was fired;

* a threat to kill a guard June 8, 1984;

* the beating of another inmate July 4, 1986 that only ceased when armed officers arrived on the scene;

* another fight with an inmate that led to his own stabbing, reportedly retaliation for his ordering another inmate to be stabbed;

* his continued association with the Crips street gang led to administrative segregation Oct. 19, 1988;

* the beating of another inmate Dec. 24, 1991, that only stopped after a warning shot was fired;

* another fight with other inmates July 6, 1993, in which a stabbing instrument (shank) was recovered.

The DA’s report also says Williams threatened all of the jurors after they found him guilty.

“Specifically, the defendant looked at the jurors and said he ‘was going to get all’ of them,” said the report. “After learning of this threat, the trial judge inquired of the jury foreperson. The foreperson confirmed the defendant mouthed the words ‘I’m going to get each and every one of you m—–f——.”

But still, the dumb and the blind will flock to his side. Those same people are at the side of cop-killer Mumia and now they are at the side of this piece of shit.

I worry that our fake Republican Governor will issue clemency to this guy.


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