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The AP has another article in their continuing media blitz to save a murderer. It’s the same ole crapola they have been printing for years but what piqued my interest in posting about it was the quote from Jamie Foxx:

“If Stan Tookie Williams had been born in Connecticut in the same type of situation, and was a white man, he would have been running a company,” Foxx told the AP when the film aired last year on FX. “But, born a black man who has the capability of having brute strength and the capability of being smart in the ways of the world, he’s going to get into what he gets into.”

Let’s see, If Tookie had been a white boy brought up in the Aryan Brotherhood or the KKK and murdered 4 black’s, but wrote a bunch of childrens books in prision do you think these celebrities would be out protesting? Hell no. They would all want to pull the switch. But because he is black and just killed a few asians they are all out in force. The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling.

The same article has some quotes deep into the article from the victims family:

Lora Owens, stepmother of victim Albert Owens, opposes clemency and resents the celebrity involvement.

“I think most of them are abusing their popularity and their access to the media,” she said. “It’s an agenda. If they looked at the facts, then they’d realize Williams has not done anything to deserve clemency.”

[…]Such celebrity campaigns rankle victim advocates. Nancy Ruhe, executive director of the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, argues that they glamorize a man like Williams and confer unwarranted role-model status.

“He becomes someone to look up to,” Ruhe said. “There are so many people in our country you can look up to, but most certainly it should not be someone who has murdered several people.”

Lets look at the facts of this case, Tookie robbed a 7-11 and while robbing the place he ordered a 25 year old clerk into another room. While the kid begged for his life he shot him twice with a 12 gauge. A few days later he broke into a motel, shot a 53 year old women twice with a shotgun, shot her husband twice in the chest with the 12 gauge and then showed some restraint and only put one shot into the daughters head.

Add in the fact that he founded a organization that has terrorized complete neighborhoods to this day and you get a feel for this man. He deserves to die a much more horrible death then being put to sleep.

If Arnold commutes this scumbags sentence then he is done. But I have a feeling he will commute it unfortunately, and while 4 people who would have contributed way more to this society lie in their graves he will be alive and kicking.

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