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Penn & Teller take on PETA with a must see 15 minute video, an episode in their ongoing series – Bullshit! (h/t Rantings Of A SandMonkey)

They describe how this unethical organization tied to another terrorist organization, the Animal Liberation Front, has financed those who bomb schools and labs where medical experimentation on animals are conducted. One of my favorite parts is when they show the hypocrisy of the vice-president of PETA, Mary Beth Sweetland, a type-a diabetic who uses insulin to stay alive. Anyone know the history of insulin?

Insulin was the first hormone identified (late 1920’s) which won the doctor and medical student who discovered it the Nobel Prize (Banting and Best). They discovered insulin by tying a string around the pancreatic duct of several dogs. When they examined the pancreases of these dogs several weeks later, all of the pancreas digestive cells were gone (died and were absorbed by the immune system) and the only thing left was thousands of pancreatic islets. They then isolated the protein from these islets and behold, they discovered insulin.

Yup, because of animal research.

Penn and Teller are pissed off and you can tell from their video. Best quote from the video:

“Teller and I would personally kill every chimp in the world with our bare hands, to save one street junkie with AIDS”

Watch the whole video, it’s well worth 15 minutes of your time.

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