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Hollywood Hypocrisy

Liberal Hypocrisy Unleashed On All Women

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Democrats have for years accused conservatives of conducting a war on women. Seeped in hypocrisy and oozing with deception, this assertion has been conducted with help from a witless media, and with assistance from the influential socialist enclave of Hollywood. I use the term “hollywood” inclusively here — herding into this corral, both the players and the products of the entertainment industry.


The Transparently Hypocritical Barack Obama [Reader Post]

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Way back in 2007 crony capitalism was a bad thing. For years the left had been telling anyone who would listen that the Bush administration was in bed with the oil industry and that Haliburton was given preferential treatment because of its friends in the White House and as a result ended up bilking the government out of millions if not billions of dollars.


Elizabeth Warren is worth $14 million but she says she’s not wealthy [Reader Post]

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Elizabeth Warren doesn’t like the way Mitt Romney pays his taxes:

“And that is that Mitt Romney pays 14% of his income in taxes and people who get out there and work for a living pay 25%, 28%, 30%, 33%. I get it. Mitt Romney gets a better deal than any of the rest of us because he manages to earn his income in a way that has been specially protected for rich folks. I think that’s wrong,” Elizabeth Warren, a democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”


If hypocrisy was a crime, Democrats would be looking at the death penalty [Reader Post]

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The words uttered by Democrats over the last few weeks are nothing short of mind boggling in their flaming hypocrisy and the more they speak the worse it gets. Some are on the edge of comical, but many are worth revisiting.

Let’s start with Howard Dean:

The Peter Pan syndrome [Reader Post]

The Peter Pan syndrome [Reader Post]

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I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up Not me, Not I, Not me! So there! Never gonna be a man, I won’t! Like to see somebody try And make me. Anyone who wants to try And make me turn into a man, Catch me if you can. I won’t grow up. Not… Read more »

The Hilarious Hypocrisy

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The hypocrisy is this story is quite telling, and amusing. We have highlighted the rampant hypocrisy from the Democrats for years but this story is just so….whats the word, hilarious….seeing as it was only a few days ago the Democrats were before the Supreme Court arguing how unfair the Voter ID law was: Nevada allies… Read more »