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Ted Cruz, Thomas Sowell and Battles Worth Fighting…

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In my opinion Thomas Sowell is easily the smartest man in America. From Basic Economics, to Black Rednecks and White Liberals to his definitive dissection of the most recent economic collapse in The Housing Boom and Bust, his books are nothing short of brilliant. And of course it’s not just books, he writes a weekly… Read more »


Now playing the role of George Washington… Neal Boortz?

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Neal Boortz will be calling it quits this week after 42 years in the radio business. He timed his exit to ensure that if Barack Obama was reelected he (Obama) would not have another dollar of his (Boortz’s) income tax dollars to spend. As he rides off into the sunset to play golf, drive around… Read more »

Washington, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower v. Obama [Reader Post]

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If on November 5 we have crossed a historical threshold and elected our first black president, I will eat crow, feathers and all, but I don’t think it will happen. In a previous post, before the blasphemous blowhard Jeremiah Wright arrived on the scene, I thought, like many Americans, Republican or Democrat, that Obama was… Read more »