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The Bermuda Triangle of Corruption: Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs

The Bermuda Triangle of Corruption: Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs

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When one reviews the list of Wall St. investment banks hammered with large fines and penalties following the toxic mortgage “investigation” one cannot help but notice a glaring omission: Goldman Sachs It’s not like there wasn’t evidence of their wrongdoing: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) misled clients and Congress about the firm’s bets on securities… Read more »

For sale: President Barack Obama

For sale: President Barack Obama

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What does a guy who whined endlessly about unlimited big money groups do? Become one of them. Barack Obama has become Karl Rove. The left has been highly critical of Rove and his American Crossroads organization and now Obama has formed a mirror image group of his own, but this entity is vastly different. Rove… Read more »


The Unions Aren’t Completely to Blame for this One… [Reader Post]

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Yes, you read that headline correctly, and this will probably draw a lot of friendly fire. First off, any of my regular readers know that I have no love for the unions. I’ve argued previously that public employee unionization is mostly unnecessary, and I’d just as soon see the same plague that killed the Twinkie… Read more »


Arrogance Incarnate – Obama and his union friends… [Reader Post]

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Life not fair. Nor for that matter is it unfair. It simply is. It’s not fair or unfair that the lion feasts on the slowest zebra or that the penguin who leaps into the ocean at just the wrong moment becomes dinner for an Orca. Life is life… fair doesn’t come into play.

Fair is a fundamentally human concept that is defined by a lack of preference or favoritism and or injustice.

Despite its subjective nature, fairness is a word that the left loves to bring to what should be an objective realm, politics.


It’s for the children [Reader Post]

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Whenever money is at stake, teachers’ unions invariably resort to the emotional canard of

“It’s for the children.”

But inevitably when the budget ax falls, it always falls on whatever the children like the most. Generally, teachers’ unions are so avaricious that they would rather see positions eliminated rather than accept a small sacrifice. Chris Christie proved that last fall. Democrats even cut funding for food stamps in order to stuff $24 million into teachers’ unions.

Guess Who Else Is Exempt From Obamacare Rules? [Reader Post]

Guess Who Else Is Exempt From Obamacare Rules? [Reader Post]

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Recently Curt put up a post about “insurers, employers and union plans” being granted exemptions from the new rules of Obamacare. It’s only the beginning. Among the blessed? The United Federation of Teachers. The United Federation of Teachers — one of President Obama’s key political backers — is the biggest beneficiary of a White House… Read more »

Leaky Liar Leahy Blocks Investigation Into Black Panther Intimidation Case [Reader Post]

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The most ethical Congress evah. On July 22, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) sent a letter to President Obama demanding that he appoint a special counsel to look into the Justice Department’s handling of the case. On July 28, Gerald Reynolds — chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights — sent Attorney General Eric Holder… Read more »

The Traitorous Main Stream Media [Reader Post]

The Traitorous Main Stream Media [Reader Post]

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The Left’s defense for the behavior of the Journolistas is that it is just media types pooling their ideas; true enough, unfortunately, their ‘ideas’ were propaganda and lies that swayed an electorate so that the United States now has to endure its first Socialist Racist President.   Unlike Duranty, who held Communism in contempt at… Read more »

Obama Veep Advisor Received $1.9 Million in Cooked Books Scandal [Reader Post]

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UPDATE: Johnson is history. Another example of that famous Obama good judgment. From Fox News. According to today’s Washington Post, Obama’s veep vetter Jim Johnson is linked to an accounting scandal at his former company, Fannie Mae. The newspaper reported this morning that Johnson “was the beneficiary of accounting in which Fannie Mae’s earnings were… Read more »