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That Painful Moment that Leftist Attacks have Become Dumb Enough for me to Defend Jeb!

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The lefties in the media are in a race to see who can be the most partisan hack on the block. A few weeks ago I congratulated Carly Fiorina on being deemed a big enough threat to warrant her first smear attempt from the Washington Post. Going after the leading conservative isn’t enough – now the… Read more »


It’s Time for the President to Lead by Example (Reader Post)

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We survived The Fiscal Cliff, and the Sequester has come and amazingly a small reduction in the rate of growth to the federal government’s spending has not led to the collapse of the American economy. Granted, the president has chosen to use it to punish the American people since he has the convenience of his Palace Guards… Read more »


Blame Bush, And Other Great Examples of Leadership [Reader Post]

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A favorite excuse of the lefties who try to justify President Obama’s dismal economic record is to repeat his refrain of complaining about the economy he inherited. I tried to think back on the many other great leaders who were still blaming their predecessor from four years ago and couldn’t come up with any. So I tried thinking up some hypothetical situations where other leaders might have tried to blame their predecessors from from years past…

We Do Not Want a Return to the Policies of George W. Bush [Reader Post]

We Do Not Want a Return to the Policies of George W. Bush [Reader Post]

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President Obama and other Democrats like to point out that we can’t afford to return to the failed policies of the Bush administration, trying to link Romney to Bush so that Obama can run against Bush again rather than run on his own record.

It made me stop and think, what if Bush never did leave office?

"Who in the hell is in charge?” [Reader Post]

“Who in the hell is in charge?” [Reader Post]

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As the oil spill in Louisiana began to spread, Obama’s first reaction was to play golf. Now as the oil spill grows into a full blown disaster, Obama is scrambling to appear to be serious. The White House released a picture showing Obama on the phone allegedly talking to someone about something other than a… Read more »

Christmas Bombs for Iran? [Reader Post]

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The U.N.’s chief nuclear watchdog, Mohamed El Baradei (not exactly a guy in the tank for Bush), in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, said, quite explicitly, that Iran will be able to produce a nuclear weapon in six months to a year. Via lgf.

Pat Buchanan Loses His Mind [Reader Post]

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Pat Buchanan has provided the lefties with some nice ammo. He, like Bruce Ramsey of the Seattle Times, believes that Hitler was reasonable in demanding territory from a sovereign country. First, he distinguishes appeasement and indicts Chamberlain for committing it in Munich. Appeasement is the name given to what Neville Chamberlain did at Munich in… Read more »

The Niger Uranium Coup By The Shadow Warriors

The Niger Uranium Coup By The Shadow Warriors

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Shadow Warriors: The Untold Story of Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender, a book by Kenneth Timmerman, is chock full of facts on how various people within our State Department and Intelligence agencies undermined the war. As I did with The Looming Tower I am going to take excerpts from the book for the… Read more »