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Albert Einstein

The Age Of The Great American Dissolve

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America’s consciousness has shifted.  We live in a predominantly unstable and unpredictable world, a situation long accepted as the norm, however,  we also live during the first period of history in which America’s prominence in the world and its own vision and notion of itself, has been blurred.  A majority of Americans have adopted self… Read more »


A Critical Turning Point In American History

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We progress, marching forward leaving behind us a trail of yesterdays, filled with events large and small, assembling memories, but some of the more momentous occurrences rise to a superior level which we include in our collective “history.” In that wake of our advance some of those momentous waves swell further, rising to become events that only hindsight can identify as pivotal moments in that shared recollection.


[The Best] Say What? [so far] October 24rd, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

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President Barack Obama of the GOP: “You got their plan, which is let’s have dirtier air, dirtier water, (and) less people with health insurance,”