Subpoena Barack Obama to testify in the Benghazi hearings

Subpoena Barack Obama to testify in the Benghazi hearings

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  There is a great deal of focus on the Benghazi hearings and rightfully so, but there’s something missing. There’s actually a larger issue that’s flying under the radar and really demands an answer. Obama lied. Over and over and over. Two weeks after the attacks, Obama went to the UN and blamed the video… Read more »


Powell – ‘I Want to Continue to Be a Republican Because I’m a Jerk’

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Once a decorated general with a career of distinguished service and once rising star within the GOP, Colin Powell has officially hit Peak Troll status. As PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson reports: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed President Obama in 2008 and 2012, told the Washington Ideas Forum that there’s a special reason why he… Read more »

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  “GOP lands no clear punches” wails the Washington Post. Nine hours after it began, a House committee’s questioning of Hillary Rodham Clinton has provided few new details about the 2012 attacks on American installations in Benghazi, Libya – and, so far, no clear victory for Republicans seeking to trap Clinton in an admission of… Read more »

You thought Bush was incompetent? Meet the Abbott and Costello of foreign policy

You thought Bush was incompetent? Meet the Abbott and Costello of foreign policy

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  If you’re one of those who believe George W. Bush was incompetent, I’ve got something for you. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proved that they are less intelligent and less competent than George W. Bush. Proof? Libya. Following the fall of Saddam Hussein, there was no shortage of criticism of George W. Bush for his handling of… Read more »


Hillary and the Left: political adversaries are the real enemies (Guest Post)

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Remember learning about Venn diagrams in elementary school? Venn diagrams are the diagrams with intersecting circles. The circles represent different sets of things and the area where they intersect with each other shows where the different things are logically connected. During Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and three other guys… Read more »

Trump: I could have prevented 9-11 with my ego alone (UPDATED)

Trump: I could have prevented 9-11 with my ego alone (UPDATED)

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  I have to say, Donald Trump is really becoming intolerable. Every day he seems to run more and more to the left, now seeking to curry favor with Bush haters. The real Donald Trump is emerging. The other day Trump blamed Bush for 9-11, and now he’s doubled down on those words. Republican presidential… Read more »

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Barack Obama as Commander in Chief … The Pentagon as a social experiment

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I’ve probably cited this before, but it’s easily one of the best speeches ever uttered in the movies. In A Few Good Men Jack Nicholson’s Col. Jessep explains life to Tom Cruz’s Lt. Kaffee: “… And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in… Read more »

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Hillary Clinton’s tell- how you know for a fact she’s about to lie

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  Just watch and learn. More More And more From a debate with Obama: And more And perhaps best of all: That cackle is positively demonic. Anyone considering voting for Clinton should be strapped into a chair and forced to listen to it for eight hours. They’d beg to be waterboarded.


Will Hillary’s Tea Party Connection Come back to Haunt Her?

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The frontrunner for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination has a serious problem. And no, I’m not talking about the myriad of scandals, or some of her shadier associates whose names might not be that familiar to the average voter, like Huma Abedin or Sidney Blumenthal. Nope, Secretary Clinton has an advisor in a position not only of… Read more »


Hillary was building a database of classified documents on her private server

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  A bombshell email has been found on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, but the media, as usual, is not asking the truly gigantic question. A bombshell White House memo has revealed for the first time details of the ‘deal in blood’ forged by Tony Blair and George Bush over the Iraq War. The sensational… Read more »