12 Mar

No, you don’t have to sign up for Obamacare

Maybe not ever. At least not until after the 2016 election. Obamacare is on double secret probation. ) ObamaCare’s implementers continue to roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded, and the latest casualty is the core of the Affordable … Continue reading

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12 Mar

The Race Democrats Couldn’t Afford to Lose

A few days ago Barack Obama issued a warning to democrats: It’s time to worry. The election is coming, the election is coming! That’s the message coming from President Obama as he tries desperately to rouse Democrats out of a … Continue reading

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10 Mar

Eco-fascist bullying

Climate change skeptics are headed the way of Christians in Egypt and the left is readying the machetes and torches. Yesterday Harry Reid declared “Climate change deniers still exist. They exist, I’m sorry to say, in this Congress. … Climate … Continue reading

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10 Mar

It’s Politics Over Conscience For Most Democrats (Guest Post)

Why was the Senate vote to not confirm Debo Adegbile a surprise? Because it was about politics, not about Adegbile. To be specific, 46 of 54 Democrats in the U.S. Senate voted politics, to confirm Adegbile. That means that 46 … Continue reading

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9 Mar

Sunday Funnies


Sunday Funnies contains 65 photos.

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8 Mar

I’m Shocked!…Media Exclude Man-Made Global Warming Skeptics From Coverage

I’m shocked! Shocked I say: Like a simple parlor trick, the networks are able to make skeptical scientists vanish, at least from the eyes of their viewers. In some cases, the broadcast networks have failed to include such scientists for … Continue reading

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7 Mar

The Left’s Message To Teens: More Sex, No Guilt, No Consequences (Guest Post)

Now that our society has officially lowered us all to the level of rutting rabbits, the Coalition for Positive Sexuality (positive.org) is specifically targeting and encouraging promiscuous sex, abortion, and homosexuality to young teenagers. The Younger the Better should be … Continue reading

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6 Mar

The only recourse for Obama’s lawlessness

Barack Obama reached his tipping point today. I don’t see him recovering from this confluence of events. Today we know for a fact that there is only one avenue left to salvage the rule of law in this country. Impeachment. … Continue reading

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5 Mar

New Study…Climate Is Less Sensitive To CO2 Than Most Models Suggest

Climate models are wrong once again…who woulda thunk it? A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation shows that the best observational evidence indicates our climate is considerably less sensitive to greenhouse gases than climate models are estimating. … Continue reading

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4 Mar

Obama regime ramps ups from IRS audits to death threats Update- the threats worked

Talk about your war on whistleblowers…. The Obama regime has been conducting an IRS pogrom against conservatives for several years now. Private records have been released, conservative groups and individuals have been audited continuously and the Obama regime has issued … Continue reading

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