Idiot Meme of the Day

Idiot Meme of the Day

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Source: Occupy Democrats. News flash: Firearms and assault weapons are also banned from being brought on board planes. By the logic of guns committing the crime, would liberals then see a rationale in blaming alcohol for causing rapes? I hate stupid memes. I personally feel a lot of these bans are an over-reaction response, anyway…. Read more »

This is what Obama and democrats wanted

This is what Obama and democrats wanted

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  I am in London at the moment and until today the biggest thing on the news here besides football (soccer) was the violence on the part of the Russian fans. Sadly, something else has taken our attention.Stupidity reaches over the pond. First, a little background. Islam on homosexuality: Quran (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your… Read more »

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a press conference at the United Nations in New York

Clinton Sent Emails From Her Server Marked As Classified

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Once a liar…. Fox News broke the story this morning that contrary to Hillary Clinton’s claim that NONE of the emails which passed through her illegal email server was ever marked classified there indeed was at least one: a 2012 email released by the State Department appears to challenge that claim because it carries a… Read more »


How Monocultural Multiculturalism Is Erasing Identity (Guest Post)

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Identity is an essential part of being human and is made up of your race, your nation and your culture. It is entirely natural to feel proud about your identity and preservation of identity, territory and culture is a basic human right for all people. As the West continues to change at an unprecedented pace… Read more »

Trump Making Liberals Lose Their Civility, Again

Trump Making Liberals Lose Their Civility, Again

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If Donald Trump has brought out the worst in conservatives, he’s also brought it out in the left-wing of American politics. When anti-Trump protesters (who claim to be supporters of 1st Amendment rights) show up at Trump rallies to disrupt, shutdown, and verbally and physically assault Trump and his supporters, they not only make themselves… Read more »


Freedom & Fortune… The Spoiled American Voters of 2016 Squander Their Inheritance

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In the segment of the financial planning industry that caters to the uber wealthy, the rule of thumb is that by the 2nd generation 70% of family fortunes are lost and by the 3rd 90% is gone. Why? “Most of them have no clue as to the value of money or how to handle it.”… Read more »

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Liberals: she had it coming. She deserved it.

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    Liberals suck. They absolutely suck. All woman victims of sexual assault are to be believed- unless they are victims of Bill Clinton. It’s despicable to blame victims of crimes- unless they are conservatives. Then they deserve any violence visited upon them. A horde of mad latinos, predominantly men, hunted down, cornered and assaulted… Read more »