The Biggest Lie that the Radical Left Tells About Ted Cruz

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You might recall from 2013 the government shutdown where Ted Cruz was single handedly about to force the government to default on its debts and destroy our economy. As Bloomberg’s Joshua Green breathlessly exhaled: Here’s a cheerful thought as Congress remains deadlocked over the debt ceiling and the hours tick away toward default: Senator Ted… Read more »


Killing the Refugee Crisis and Campus Fascism Birds with One Stone

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Every week it seems that some new story breaks about Crybullies on some college campus having a meltdown over some perceived grievance. Writing for Hoover.org Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the petty nastiness that’s been infecting the college campus landscape: Today’s students, especially on elite campuses, pride themselves for being cultural warriors. They are determined to… Read more »


Angry GOP Voters and Donald Trump – The Enemy of My Enemy is Not My Friend

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I’m angry. I’m actually damn angry. I’m angry that Americans have twice voted into the highest office in the land a man who is demonstrably anti-American, who sows racial tension, who has sought to destroy free markets, who has turned much of the nation into a welfare state and who has crippled the American military… Read more »

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Trump – Why Bankers, Politicians Left and Right, and Lobbyists, Fear Him . . .

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Donald Trump has turned the whole of the Washington ‘establishment’ for miles around the ‘beltway’ into a fearful and muddled morass emitting noxious gas, hoping it asphyxiates all sources of energy propelling Trump toward the White House.   The majority of the MSM pretends it is only the Republican establishment which hates Trump, although it… Read more »

Yes, something is very wrong with Hillary

Yes, something is very wrong with Hillary

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  Is this the face of a person who just won several primaries? Politico asks “What’s wrong with Hillary?” So what exactly is going on here? Why won’t Bernie Sanders go away? And why does Hillary Clinton’s Bernie problem pose a danger not only to her but to the Democratic Party—even if she does (as… Read more »


President Obama is Correct on Opening Our Phones. But First…

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In all of the excitement of this past weekend’s controversy over a possible radical authoritarian gaining control of the White House, largely ignored was a radical authoritarian currently in the White House advising us that we have no right to privacy. From The Register’s Chris Williams (NSFW-ish language warning): SXSW Amid the row between Apple… Read more »