Maybe the race problem in America is… the focus on race

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The events last week in a South Carolina were tragic and heartbreaking. Those are the only words I can come up with that embody the senseless loss of life and the pain the family and community feels. Unfortunately however that tragedy has spurred some misdirected anger… specifically as it relates to what everyone is (wrongly)… Read more »

How long before the American flag has to come down?

How long before the American flag has to come down?

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  The pipe of the racism piper is playing and the lemmings hear the call. One after another politicians run to the front of the political correctness cliff and jump off blathering about how the Confederate flag has to come down and even how the next symbol of oppression must also find the dustbin of history:… Read more »


Blind In Texas (Guest Post)

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The McKinney pool party incident is one issue that’s generated some strong opinions. We’ve heard that the problems started when a resident verbally abused and attacked the gathering’s organizer, or maybe the cause was the horde of teenagers that were overrunning a private pool where the hostess violated the Homeowners’ Association’s guest rules. We’ve heard… Read more »

Deer Hunting, Dependence and the Obama Youth...

Deer Hunting, Dependence and the Obama Youth…

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I’ve never been a hunter. Somehow I can’t quite bring myself to be the one who shoot’s Bambi’s parents. I have a couple of friends who do however and I don’t really have a problem with it. One lives in New York and always seems to come home empty handed. Frankly I’m not sure he… Read more »

Of Obama, Historic Things, And "Double-Standards" (Guest Post)

Of Obama, Historic Things, And “Double-Standards” (Guest Post)

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In the wake of the tragic shooting last Wednesday night in Charleston SC, Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama reiterated his call for the Confederate battle flag to be relegated to a museum. White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters aboard Air Force One Friday that the President, “believes the Confederate flag belongs in a museum.”… Read more »

Why are there so many mass murders under Obama?

Why are there so many mass murders under Obama?

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  Following the shootings in Charleston, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately seized upon the tragedy to again push for more gun control. Obama blathered on about how twenty one year olds were children and not adults as recognized by every state in and thus should be barred from purchasing weapons. Hillary went on about… Read more »


Air Travel Chickenhawks (Guest Post)

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The EPA now has a plan to cut the planet-threatening phenomena known as airplane emissions (H/T Stephen Kruiser): The Obama administration is set to announce that it will require new rules to cut emissions from airplanes, expanding a quest to tackle climate change that has included a string of significant regulations on cars, trucks and… Read more »