“We Are All Chris Dorner”- Crazy Support For Accused Cop Killer Christopher Dorner

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The right has Dr. Benjamin Carson and it appears the left has cop killer Chris Dorner

Zip @ Weasel Zippers:

The ex-cop accused of three revenge killings left behind a long manifesto outlining all of his grievances and observations.

That manifesto has given investigators some clues, but they still don’t know where is Christopher Dorner.

Law enforcement spent four hours searching his mom’s Orange County home. They took out 10 grocery bags filled with evidence.

Dorner lost his job with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008. His manifesto vows revenge for that; and, surprisingly, thousands of people actually support him.

It’s hard to believe but there are those out there who sympathize with the man targeting police officers.

One Facebook page is proclaiming Dorner for president. “We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.”

The description on “We Are All Chris Dorner” chillingly says, “Yes, this is war.”

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

10 Responses to ““We Are All Chris Dorner”- Crazy Support For Accused Cop Killer Christopher Dorner”

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    He killed an innocent woman and her boyfriend, and shot two cops he didn’t know, that were sitting in their car at a red light minding their own business. And for that, he’s a hero to the lib’s. WTF is wrong with that picture? Every day I find myself more disgusted with liberals, and their support of so much that is evil…

  2. 3


    they are evil, that’s why they support an evil person,
    what more can we do?, what more do we need, to discover the devil right here ,
    he has taken a body, many of them.
    he is active and free of having it all to himself,
    no public prayers no cross to torment him,
    he is powerful and loved by the corrupt,
    what will it take for us to admit it that EVIL LIVE

  3. 6

    Common Sense

    To support this guy is to support a psychopathic pathetic black paranoid murdering racist. This guy feels he has been a victim all his life.

  4. 7


    @Scott in Oklahoma:

    And meanwhile, as the entire state is looking for this psychopath, the LAPD, and the city they work for, look like fools. LAPD has already shot three (I think) innocent people. The shooter was reported to be driving a dark blue pickup, so what does the LAPD do? They shoot two little Asian women driving a medium blue pickup while delievery newpapers. The medium blue truck those Asians women were in looked like it had been made in a swiss cheese factor after the LAPD unloaded on it, from behind, of course. And the city? Oh, those are a bunch of rocket scientists, as well, advising people that if they drive a pickup to work, leave it at home. Nevermind that the pickup may be white, or red or green. Apparently, the LAPD are color blind and are not able to tell two short Asian women from an over 6′, over 200 lb. black guy.

    Now, I understand that the murderer’s grievances against the LAPD are going to be “reviewed” again. Nevermind he was fired almost five years ago. Hey, Dorner’s a black guy with a grievance. (Cue the trumpets as Jesse Jackson enters). Yeah, Jackson has sent out word that the murderer should get in touch with him. I guess the Trayvon Martin thing is not paying too well these days.

  5. 8

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @retire05: Believe me Retire05, I agree the entire LAPD, the city and tthe prosecutor’s office as well look lie compltete fools. The burning truck in Big Bear was an excellent diversion tactic as well. As for the cops that did the two shootings, they should all be investigated and probably fired as well. All in, I would say the city of LA, and its police department have been a perfect example of how NOT to handle a situation like this one. Dorner has certainly succeeded in making his prior employer look as bad as they could be. Re-opening the investigations only casts doubt upon the original investigations at this time, causing the questions of competence to rise up. And I don’t even want to comment on Jesse Jackson…

    He will only get caught when he’s ready, he’s cut from the same cloth as I described when I wrote about mass casualty shooters needing control.

  6. 9


    @Scott in Oklahoma:

    Remember, the shooter, whose name is mentioned waaaay too much because that is exactly what he wants, is former military and a former cop. He knows all the games and tactics. And he’s not stupid. But he will be labeled “crazy” because no one wants to admit that some people are just flat out evil.

    The medium blue pickup that the LAPD shot the hell out of, well, I counted 37 bullet holes in the tailgate and rear window. The fact that the LAPD didn’t kill those two women is absolutely amazing.

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