Those on the left who know are unimpressed with the Zimmerman indictment

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Jeralyn Merrit

“Incredibly, it claims without support that Zimmerman was “profiling” Martin. It misrepresents what the dispatcher said to Zimmerman, calling it an “instruction” not to follow Martin. (The dispatcher said, “We don’t need you to do that” to which Zimmerman responded “Ok.”)

Affidavit = FAIL. That a judge signed off on this as establishing second degree murder which according to Florida jury instructions and case law requires the killing be done with “ill will, hatred, spite, or an evil intent” is perplexing, to say the least.”


It’s a piece of crap.

Explaining why could be an epic post, but I don’t have much time, so I will make it brief.

The affidavit is argumentative, it’s conclusory, and it lacks attribution.

The affidavit takes the lazy way out, starting with a paragraph that says, in effect, “we investigated a bunch of stuff, and here’s what we learned,” followed by a narrative of what the affiant believes happened. Almost nothing is specifically attributed — that is, for most facts asserted in the affidavit, it is impossible to determine whether a witness told the affiant the fact, how the witness knew, or whether it is just a conclusion drawn by the affiant.

Dan Markel

But if everything we’ve seen reported is true (and I’ll assume this provides a useful summary), and there aren’t other missing pieces of evidence, I cannot fathom how a jury would return a guilty verdict for murder. If that’s right, what could justify bringing a murder charge?


In short, it is shit. To be honest, this affidavit, within its “four corners” arguably does not even meet the necessary burden of probable cause for Manslaughter under Florida section 782.07, much less the “depraved mind” necessary under Florida’s Second Degree Murder charge under section 782.04(2) as charged in the information. George Zimmerman may have committed a crime, but it is not demonstrated in this affidavit, and certainly is not as to the crime charged, Second Degree Murder. Charles Blow can praise this thing until the cows come home in the august pages of the New York Times, but it is still a pile of junk.

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    Nan G

    On the political side, this affidavit and thus arrest of George Zimmerman did stave off what was looking to be a very HOT summer in terms of racial violence.
    We have already seen at least four cases where whites have been targeted by blacks screaming something about Trayvon.
    We have already seen stores trashed and looted in Trayvon’s name.
    Had this not been nipped in the bud it would have escalated until we had riots, full-blown riots.
    Now, the Obama side has got to decide if that’s really what they want.
    They have been given a reprieve.
    Let’s see if they, through their surrogates, let it lie or stir up a new batch of race card.

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    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    Maybe it is time those whites start packin heat. It is really hard to beat up a man who has a gun. As Trayvon Martin found out. I’ll bet the attacks would slow down drastically as the body count of the attackers went up. I would rather spend the time in jail defending myself with a gun then let a bunch of black racists beat me down.

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    @Nan G:

    Nan, is this what we have lowered ourselves to? Having a Special Prosecutor write a factually incorrect, and unprovable indictment just to sooth the ruffled feathers of the race baiters and proverty pimps who are drumming up violence? Personally, I am of the opinion that the first black POTUS should have been either mute on this subject, or saying things that would calm the unwashed masses and let them know that acting out their frustrations (as pumped up by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton) would not set well with him.

    What seems to be lost is the fact that George Zimmerman is himself a minority. So now we are seeing the proverty pimps pit black against Hispanic so they can line their own wallets.

    And the fact that the SP met, and prayed, with the Martin family before the investigation was complete, should bother any citizen that feels the law should be impartial and seeks only truth.

  4. 4

    Nan G


    Make sure you’re sitting down for this read:

    This made my blood boil!
    Obama’s very good friend, Van Jones, admitted Obama is a racist who hated being FORCED to sit down for the beer summit with a white police officer.
    No surprise Obama would let his inner racist come out if he thought it could assist in his re-election.
    When it turned out a man called George Zimmerman was NOT white OR even Jewish, but rather Hispanic, Obama has been forced to back pedal.
    He may have blown his entire race war wad.
    Or he may climb on another bandwagon, if a better-vetted one rolls along.
    Obviously it is within his personal prejudice to do so.

  5. 5


    Nan G.
    I lost my previous comment , weird is in it,
    I wonder how OBAMA WILL MAKE OF THE BLACK MEN in his truck shot an unarmed white men turning the corner with his dog to be face with a truck advancing toward him having been told to go forward by the fast food clerk, words where exchanges and the walking men shot to death, from the truck,
    is that a self defence murder or a plain murder?
    no news and outrage from the black panthers of the black elected, yet…..
    what happen to the 6 young blacks attacking a 80 year old man vet , with pounding his head with a hammer,
    while the other kick him as he hit the ground and the hammer guy yelling kill him many times, while they lift up his upper body to be kicking him there at the hearth place, yelling for TRAYVON LIFE then drag him half dead in the wood to die and fled with his car, seen by another who rescue the old men
    no outrage yet

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