They just can’t stop hammering the Romney’s- but especially Ann

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Rucker’s report is filled with heartbreaking line after heartbreaking line chronicling what Romney is doing with himself, culled straight from the CEOs closest to him. That is, what Mitt’s doing when he’s not having lunch with the President. To help himself deal with the loss, Mitt apparently bought himself (or has been seen driving, at least), “a new black Audi Q7, a luxury SUV manufactured in Slovakia.” Retail therapy is an effective and frequently used coping mechanism, at least for this writer. He apparently hasn’t decided what he’ll do next, but one thing is for sure: “In private, Romney has told friends he has little interest in helping the Republican Party rebuild and rebrand itself,” Rucker reports.


But the owner of the most tragic anecdote in the whole story is Mitt’s wife, Ann, who really isn’t taking things well:

By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny. They said she has been crying in private and trying to get back to riding her horses.


Read the comments. They’re nasty.

Note: Yahoo’s CEO is an Obama bundler

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    I wouldn’t work with them either. After this election and not standing with Romney the republicans deserve everything they get. Romney was a good man and I still cannot understand what went wrong and now we all have to suffer..I am in my sixties and I am done voting because after this election I believe that there is something very wrong with the system…Ann Romney has so much in her life a loving husband and a beautiful family and tons of money to do whatever you want so enjoy life…..

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    Really a guy with all his money does not need to take from the taxpayers as O is doing…I don’t think that he would be taking a 4 million dollar vacation on the taxpayers money when people are hurting……

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    I. like Annie above, – am quitting the game! My (over 60) age group didn’t elect this admitted nation killer, my grand kids did — and they’ll end up paying the piper (as well as the bills).

    So as the unemployment rate soars – along with the national debt – and Michelle Antoinette and Obamanation hold hands walking thru a White House with 54 Christmas trees before they head out on their prolonged $4 million dollar vacation … As the Middle East crumbles, our Constitution tumbles….. I’m willing to bet that even the non-golfers among them are wishing they could get a Mulligan on this last election…..

    As Brit Prime Minister Anthony Eden said to Dwight Eisenhower when Eisenhower failed to back the Brits over the Suez in ’56 — I say to the Generation Y and Millennial generations === “Over to you!”

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    THE COMMENTS are not worth to read and pay attention.
    this is the crowd of OBAMA, and they are well learned in every words OBAMA tell them,
    that is vote for revenge, hate those I tell you to hate, and tell other, spread the words of OBAMA
    and stay ignorant and dumb,
    hate the rich, don’t forget your stamps,

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