States examining their own gun-law options

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Erika Johnsen @ Hot Air:

The states are already beginning to play out the battle between the “fewer guns means less crime” and “more guns means less crime” mentalities, and while Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a bill that would have allowed for concealed carry in schools earlier this week, states like Virginia and Texas are starting to think the matter over — and a few other states are following suit.

A South Carolina House member introduced legislation there earlier this week. The Florida legislator who wrote the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law and an Arizona gun rights group have also proposed arming trained teachers

“In our zealousness to protect people from harm we’ve created all these gun-free zones and what we’ve inadvertently done is we’ve made them a target,” Florida GOP Rep. Dennis Baxley told the AP. “A helpless target is exactly what a deranged person is looking for where they cannot be stopped.” …

Advocates of arming school staffers argue opponents are sensationalizing the issue, and insist no Rubicon is crossed when a gun is brought into a school. In Michigan, it is legal to carry a pistol in schools — as long as the weapon isn’t concealed. Patterson pointed out several school districts in Texas have armed police forces. And Utah, Oregon and New Hampshire already allow concealed carry in schools, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. …

And here’s another smattering of examples of the conversations currently getting started across the country, via the NYDY:

MINNESOTA: Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, says he’ll listen to “anything and everything.” But, “There’s a limit to what society can do to protect people from their own folly.” …

OKLAHOMA: Two Republican lawmakers have called for teachers or school personnel who receive special training to be armed. Legislative leaders have sidestepped questions on the proposals. …

TENNESSEE: A Republican lawmaker has called for adults on campus to be armed. …

UTAH: Republican attorney general reaffirmed support for existing law that allows concealed weapons on public property, including schools.

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