Somebody please give Joe Klein the revised Benghazi talking points

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Doug Powers @ Michelle Malkin:

Judging from his appearance on MSNBC this morning, Time magazine’s Joe Klein hasn’t received the revised memo about the Benghazi attack. Klein’s still using the “Susan Rice/Jay Carney/September 16th” playbook which has since been mostly revised to purge initial claims of “the video made them do it” and “it wasn’t a premeditated terrorist attack.”

From Newsbusters:

Here were some of Klein’s astounding assertions: There are no unanswered questions about Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens had all the security he wanted. Rice’s talking points were “absolutely accurate” — it was a spontaneous demonstration by extremists. Al qaeda was not involved in the attack. Not clear that reports from Stevens asking for more security exist.

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    What are the additional facts of the matter, Michele? The only new statement in the matter I’ve heard is the Jame Clapper didn’t edit the memo.

    UPDATE: Clapper has admitted his office edited memo. (Sorry for not reading recent updates on this issue; but I have so many issues to deal with, sometimes I miss one.)

    The rationale for the editing can be seen at the bottom of the following link (training document quote):

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