Senate Unanimously Approves New Round Of Iran Sanctions … Obama Regime Denounces…

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Zip @ Weasel Zippers:

How often does Congress agree unanimously on anything and yet Obama still opposes it.

The White House announced its opposition to a new round of Iran sanctions that the Senate unanimously approved Friday, in the latest instance of Congress pushing for more aggressive punitive measures on Iran than the administration deems prudent.

On Thursday, Sens. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) introduced the amendmentto the National Defense Authorization Act, which the Senate passed 94-0. The new legislative language would blacklist Iran’s energy, port, shipping, and shipbuilding sectors, while also placing new restrictions on Iran’s ability to get insurance for all these industries. The legislation would also vastly expand U.S. support for human rights inside Iran and impose new sanctions on Iranians who divert humanitarian assistance from its intended purpose.

“The window is closing. The time for the waiting game is over,” Menendez said on the Senate floor Thursday night. “Yes, our sanctions are having a demonstrable effect on the Iranian economy, but Iran is still working just as hard to develop nuclear weapons.”

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2 Responses to “Senate Unanimously Approves New Round Of Iran Sanctions … Obama Regime Denounces…”

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    Nan G

    Wasn’t that also the vote when Obama last sent a ”budget” to the Senate?

    While the American PUBLIC sided with those Iranians in the streets getting killed during and after the Green Revolution, Obama was siding with the Mullahs.
    He not only doesn’t want too harsh of sanctions against their regime, he seems concerned about their friendship and respect.
    On a few occasions Iran’s press has claimed Obama has been dealing with the Mullahs privately.

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