Republicans Lead the Best-Run States in America, Democrats Dominate the Worst

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Glenn Hall @ The Blaze:

The annual Best and Worst Run States in America survey by 24/7 Wall St. came out today, revealing that the top 5 states are led by Republicans while the bottom five are dominated by Democrats.

The list is based on a review of data for financial health, standard of living and government services. While noting that current situations may stem from decisions made years ago and that external factors like weather can be as much to blame as poor governance, 24/7 Wall St. also points out that all of the high-ranking states have “well-managed budgets” and the worst states have “high debt relative to both income and expenditure.”

Here’s how it breaks down at the top and bottom of the list cross-referenced with details on party control based on this map from Americans for Tax Reform:

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6 Responses to “Republicans Lead the Best-Run States in America, Democrats Dominate the Worst”

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    No surprise here at all. The liberal experiments of California, New York, Illinois, etc.. are doomed to fail and the reasons are no surprise to the informed. Those who have the most to lose financially have been leaving those states to others that don’t bleed them dry.

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    that is a good to know fact,
    I keep telling about the values of the CONSERVATIVES,
    now we have another fact proving it,
    AMERICA, do you get it now?
    but you’re kind of late at the table,
    now will you pay attention?
    we don’t give you facts just for fun.

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    Nan G

    The sad thing was, when voters in some of those states that were doing well BECAUSE of the Republicans in charge, saw improvements and voted more OBAMA!
    As if he had a thing to do with it!
    It improved despite him!
    But them Obama appealed to the uninformed dummies old enough to vote.
    And his teachers’ unions made sure there were plenty of them.

  4. 4


    Nan G
    he is appealing to the people to join his view and go on twiter to the my
    to support him, against the CONGRESS,same way of demonizing the CONGRESS for his failures,
    as the last four years

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    I read recently in USA Today that overall the Red States Growth Rate [not population, but economically] is 4.6% the Blue States growth rate is 0.5% and the swing States growth rate is 1.4%… some differences huh?!?

    Sadly I live in a Blue State…and, yes, I surely am feeling it…

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