Powers: That Obama-Clinton interview looked just like “state-run media propaganda”

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Erika Johnsen @ Hot Air:

President Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Clinton sat down together for a 60 Minutes interview, aired last night, that I’d say was approximately zero parts hard-hitting foreign-policy discussion and all parts mutually complementary chucklefest (marking the first time the president has sat down for a joint interview with anyone other than the FLOTUS, by the way):

Yes, we get it: You two are great buddies, you’ve enjoyed an [arguably, hem hem] successful foreign-policy working partnership throughout Obama’s first term, and everything between you personally and professionally is hunky-dory. Kirsten Powers, et al, were decidedly not impressed with the whole softball-lobbing spectacle on Fox News this morning, and also wondered — what does this level of all-too-friendly endorsement mean for Obama’s loyal vice president? Click the image to watch at RCP:

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It was really something you would expect from like, the state-run media. It was that kind of level of propaganda as far as I’m concerned. … I can understand maybe in agreeing to the interview, letting them have maybe one softball question in the beginning and then move on to more important things. This was a joke.

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One Response to “Powers: That Obama-Clinton interview looked just like “state-run media propaganda””

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    Nan G

    Seems our joke of a VP is getting pushed out there in public so we can more easily see why he has to be sent out to pasture after he’s done his job (of preventing any Obama assassination) .
    But to anoint Hillary is a dangerous mistake.
    Not because of her record…..she did what she was told as Sec State.
    But because of here health and substance abuse issues.
    We’ve all seen too many photos of Hillary after she’s had a few too many.
    We have learned that she’s fallen a few times, has had blood clots a few times, now suffers from double vision (not good for reading stuff).
    Her close association with Muslim Sisterhood leader’s daughter Huma is backfiring.
    Will Huma stay at State of stay with Hillary?
    But a love fest it was.
    Obama owes the Clinton’s big time.
    He’s paying.
    If Hillary hadn’t been stricken when would the LAST previous time we had seen her and Bill in public together?
    They are, in effect, separated and have been for years.
    But that “victim card,” has been over played and will not work again.

    Powers is a liberal, a Democrat, so it is particularly satisfying to hear from her that she saw the same thing a lot of non-liberals/Democrats saw in that interview.

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