Liberal logic: “Why do YOU want to pay Mitt Romney”s taxes?”

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Chris Wysocki @ WyBlog:

When you live in New Jersey you acquire a lot of liberal friends. Most of them are run-of-the-mill New York Times readers, uninformed but harmless, except when you let them near a voting booth. But then there’s the occasional Michael Moore acolyte — utterly clueless but convinced to the bone that he’s smarter than everyone.

As if.

Anyway, on Saturday night I made a passing comment about the upcoming Fiscal Cliff, you know, something along the lines of “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.”

Mr. Full Of Himself chimes in — Why do you want to pay Mitt Romney’s taxes? Wow, that must be the latest Rachel Madcow talking point. Because only a liberal intellectual could envision such a ridiculous statement as being part of an actual argument.

No, I’m not worried about what Mitt Romney pays, Why does it bother you?

He only pays 13 percent! was the followup, as I fixed him with my most patronizing stare.

Listen up Numbnuts, Mitt Romney paid Two Million Dollars in taxes last year. You? You haven’t paid $2 million dollars to Uncle Sam over your entire 63 years on God’s green earth. Plus Gov. Romney gave updwards of $7 million to charity as well. You? You can’t spell charity. You’re on the Joe Biden charity plan — the government’s got that covered. And it pisses you off that a bureacrat didn’t get to put his stamp of approval on how Romney distributed that $7 million. Really, it does.

Then I hear you cry, Mitt Romney makes more than me! He can afford it!

Yeah, Communism 101. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. You didn’t do what it takes to get rich, so now it’s time to soak the guys who worked harder than you did.

Here’s a thought. Rather than begrudging Mitt Romney his millions, how about you try emulating his success? Get. Off. Your. Ass.

Oh, wait. That’s hard. Better vote for that Obama dude instead! Then you can sit on your ass while guys like me and Romney work to pay for your free stuff.

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4 Responses to “Liberal logic: “Why do YOU want to pay Mitt Romney”s taxes?””

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    There’s only one type of logic that determines the true/false relation between declarative sentences, and conservatives should use it more often.

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    Mitt Romney does not do anything different than every other person that has a lot of money. (heck even those that are middle class like myself look at the loop-holes) pelosi and reid and even debbie washerman (sic) shultz have accounts over seas. All of them take advantage of the tax code and ALL of them are doing it LEGALLY. IF democrats wanted Mitt Romney to pay more taxes all they would have to do is to CHANGE the tax laws. However because they do the same thing he does to legally avoid paying more taxes than they want, the democrats will NOT change it. So get off it. Only ignorant and unintelligent people believe this rot.

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