GOP Handwringers Need A Chill Pill

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AJStrata @ The Strata Sphere:

Update: This is well said and to the point [H/T Powerline]:

But all concerned are working within a fiscal system that has become seriously pathological. The cliff is the latest expression of that pathology.


It should be a matter of acute national embarrassment that our leaders can pretend to be redistributing from wealthy to average citizens when, in fact, they are redistributing in far greater measure from the young and unborn.

Finally, someone gets it. – end update

You know, the people inside the Congressional Bubble have truly lost lock on reality. All the high drama over the House’s unwillingness to kick-the-can-down-the-road anymore with the Democrats is pathetic:

“I don’t want to talk to the people who ruined this, at least right now,” a retiring House member told me. “They don’t get it.” Another senior member told me that Boehner was always going to struggle with the whip count since most House conservatives have little interest in seeing the speaker strike any kind of deal. “Boehner was trying to play chess and the caucus was playing checkers,” he said, sighing. “Boehner is willing to lose a pawn for a queen. I’m not sure about the rest.”

These old GOP House dogs are still playing the tired game of do nothing now and promise to behave better sometime in the future. Damn glad they are retiring. The Tea Party/Libertarians are so done with this crap. The only reason to negotiate is pretend they are doing something, because they sure as hell weren’t going to get anything real in return. The best we can hope for is what is built into the current ‘fiscal’ (read ‘legislative’) cliff.

Supposedly the GOP is now at a disadvantage because everyone will have to pay Bill Clinton level taxes. So what? The average American is going to have to stop pretending government has a bottomless purse and infinite wisdom. In fact, the government is in short supply of both right now.

Boehner and his allies want to carve out “something” and call it progress. But why? We get spending cuts and tax increases to offset the spending spree of Obama and the Dems. What kind of moron is incapable of presenting this to the American people and winning the argument? If you can’t win this simple point you should not be leading the GOP.

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