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16 Responses to “Ghoulish: White House Posts Obama Photos At Dover”

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    I’m surprised he took time out from his very busy day to go to Dover. I wonder if he showed up late for this like he does for the rest of his ‘events’. If the troops felt that same as I did when Johnson flew into Travis, Barry could have stayed on the golf course.

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    That photo showing Obama at Dover Air Force Base today–which is about as minimalist as it could get–is the only one that has been made public, unless you want to count a few showing the Commander in Chief preparing to leave, boarding a helicopter, and crossing the White House lawn after his return.

    “Can it get any more ghoulish?” some blogger asks.

    To my mind, the question doesn’t even make sense. I literally don’t have a clue what he or she is talking about.

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    Greg, you seldom have a clue about anything, troll-child.

    When the hated BOOOOSH visited wounded warriors and their families or consoled the survivors of dead GI’s, there were no pictures, no press present, no announcement. The families were sufficiently moved at his compassion to tell the press later.

    When Hussein decides he needs a photo opportunity, following his inner circle and Joe Biden leaking the details of the bin Laden mission and who executed it and where in the states their families lived, and practically sent an engraved invitation for revenge, …yeah…it’s ghoulish… and posed…he’s not quite saluting, his hand is palm outward, based on the position of his thumb…he doesn’t know how to render a salute…is he waving “bye-bye”? …and none of the rest of his party are saluting at all…do they have hands over hearts for the pledge of allegiance, or arms crossed in frustration waiting for the boss to get done with his empty gesture and move on?

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    rich wheeler

    POSTERS 10&11 As a former Marine Corps Officer I assure you BHO gives a near perfect salute (learned through repetitive practice.)
    “Ghoulish” BS

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    Nan G

    @rich wheeler:
    That may be true that Obama can and has on past occasions given near perfect salutes, rich.
    I met one of the men who used to be at the bottom of the steps for one of the Marine One helicopters during the end of the Bush era and beginning of the Obama one.
    He said Bush had a perfect salute but that Obama would rather shake hands.
    I vaguely recall seeing Obama reach for the hand of the Marine at the bottom of the steps.
    But he may have also saluted earlier, I can’t recall.

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    Nan G

    Generally speaking, the media is liberal.
    So, it is instructive that the media is LIVID over these photos from Dover.

    Here’s what the media was told:
    Pentagon officials had said that because 19 of 30 of the American families of the dead had objected to media coverage of the remains coming off a plane at Dover Air Force Base, no images could be taken.
    In addition, the Pentagon rejected media requests to take photos that showed officials at the ceremony but did not depict caskets.

    Doug Wilson, head of public affairs at the Pentagon, said the department did not know the White House photographer was present and had no idea a photo of the event was being released until it became public.

    The Associated Press did not transmit the White House photo to its customers, in accordance with its policy of refusing government handout images of events it believes the media should have access to.


    Sounds like the White House pulled a fast one not only over on the media, but also over on the Pentagon!

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    designated NOK

    The problem with the photo is that families must give permission for the media to take pictures. Due to the nature of the tragedy, the individual remains are unidentified thus permission is required of ALL the families. Which did not happen. The White House photographer was there and took pictures anyway. The media offered to take pictures that did not show the remains, that request was also denied, out of respect for the families wishes. The White House violated the wishes of the families, that’s why it is ghoulish. The picture should not have been taken or released period. The ceremony was not about the President, it was a tribute to the fallen and their families. The President owes those families an apology.

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    It’s the people who are trying their best to exploit the moment to score cheap points who owe the families an apology. None will be forthcoming. Such people have no shame.

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    It’s the people who are trying their best to exploit the moment to score cheap points who owe the families an apology.

    You know Greg, it’s not often that you and I completely agree on something.

    Considering that 19 of the 30 families elected to have no media present, it was completely callous and inappropriate for the unPrecedented to bring along his house photographer and then allow that photographer to distribute his work contrary to the wishes of the families.

    Do you think that President Downgrade will apologize to these families? Or is he shameless in his efforts to gain cheap points?

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