Congratulations to Obama For Another Historic Record: 97 Rounds of Golf In Less Than 3 1/2 Years

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Let’s assume, optimistically, that each round of golf takes a total of only four hours including transportation to and from the course. This means the president has spent more than 48 work days on the links. That’s nearly seven weeks of 8-hour days!

Best of all, his latest round was with a lobbyist.

…Well, a lobbyist by trade, anyway.

Hunter Biden, who is golfing today with President Obama and his dad, Vice President Biden, stopped lobbying in 2008 once it became clear this would become a problem for the Democratic ticket, which had a zero-lobbyist policy.

The young Biden, according to Politico, had ”an office near K Street, a blue-ribbon roster of clients, and his firm, Oldaker Biden & Belair, made $1.76 million in lobbying revenue in the first half of 2006.”

And then he “got clean,” as they say of Democrats who stopped lobbying for the sake of The One. I’m sure Hunter will never touch the stuff again.

Also on hand today is White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, a regular Obama golf companion…

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3 Responses to “Congratulations to Obama For Another Historic Record: 97 Rounds of Golf In Less Than 3 1/2 Years”

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    Liberal1 (objectivity)

    A copy of a comment from the original article:

    Whitehall said…

    Eisnehauer was criticized for golfing too much too.

    But he was a Republican so that was valid.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Actually that’s well under once a week. No big deal. Boehner plays over 100 rounds per year.
    I’ll bet BHO spends more time shooting hoops. W quit golf and stuck to jogging and weights. Reagan loved lifting. Ike lived on the course. JFK avid sailor.
    Would you rather have a non athlete like Nixon at the helm?

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