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4 Responses to “CNN anchors wants white men profiled”

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    Nan G

    How odd that once-closeted Lemon claims all Muslim killers have been ”profiled” as ”terrorists.”
    I can recall so many of these attacks on pedestrians, malls, synagogs, college campuses and elsewhere in America where the Muslim male was distinctly termed a crazy person.
    Not a terrorist, just a crazy loner who acted on his own after snapping.
    I am trying to recall any case where the knee-jerk reaction was to call a Muslim attacker on America a terrorist attack.
    Even the Fort Hood mass murderer’s rampage was called workplace violence!

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    Hey numb nuts, white men are already profiled along with old ladies and little girls. Complements of your neighborhood TSA. They also receive unproportional profiling in the game you may have heard of, “knock out”.

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