Bad news: Turns out it’s sexist & racist to criticize Susan Rice for giving bad info to the public

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Allahpundit @ Hot Air:

Here’s the most cynical thing you’ll see on the Internet today. I’m tempted to call it stupid, but it’s not: The charge is stupid but it’s leveled in service to a clever goal, framing Rice’s prospective nomination as Secretary of State as a referendum on racism and sexism. McCain is the target for daring to suggest that she’s unqualified and maybe “not … very bright” for buying the White House’s early line on Benghazi, which required her to feed the public ridiculous disinformation about how “substantial” our nearly nonexistent security presence in Benghazi was. If you vote no at her confirmation hearing, it’s not because you want to send a message to O about not lying to Americans. It’s because you hate women and minorities. Republicans, in fact, have already started to tone down the attacks on her, whether because they don’t want to have to deal with this nonsense or because, more likely, they realize that Rice is a footnote to the larger Benghazi inquiry and they don’t want to get bogged down with her.

Two clips for you here, one of today’s press conference by House Democrats and one of Kirsten Powers (via the Daily Caller) demonstrating that not every liberal is willing to give the White House and its diplomatic corps a free pass to lie in the name of tolerance. She makes a good point in her op-ed today too: Why are liberals ignoring how badly Obama has treated Rice here? She had nothing to do with Benghazi, yet he plucked her from her post as ambassador to the UN, briefed her with defective intel, and then sent her out to do damage control as the face of the administration.

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6 Responses to “Bad news: Turns out it’s sexist & racist to criticize Susan Rice for giving bad info to the public”

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    MLK would be ashamed. When someone is judged by the content of the character, and the character is flawed and broken, now its racist if they happen to black or liberal.

  2. 2

    MOS 8541

    And she wants the sec of slut position-you all crazy. She is a long time opie whore-no credentials. She has done ZERO(0) at the UN. But you put this fool back in office……..Impeachment time

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    Shows you how backassward our country has become….they are wrong so once again, lets use the race card… and now add sexism to shut people up?!??

    Great article BTW points directly to the Hyprocrisy of the President and his administration:

    President Obama’s silly, sexist defense of Susan Rice
    By Kirsten Powers
    Published November 15, 2012

    Read more:

    Ahem, asshats – You are a PUBLIC FIGURE…it goes with the territory….and that goes for ALL public figures…sheesh! unreal!! and laughable.

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    I think that I will start using my 1/8 native American heritage as defense against any criticisms of my postings by liberals and liberal/progressives. I think I’ll start calling them racist for not taking what I say at my word, for not believing blindly in my viewpoints. Maybe that is the only way to show the liberals and liberal/progressives how ridiculous these charges of racism really are.

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    Nan G

    Look at Rice next to Obama.
    Remember now that Obama is 1/2 white.
    And look again.
    Rice has more white in her than Obama!
    Add to that she married a white man.
    So, how can it be ”racism?”
    You can disagree with the WHITE part of this woman.
    In fact, the people who put McCain and others on any confirmation committee INSIST you call her out for the decisions and acts she committed.
    Her mess up in regard Rwanda as it committed genocide in 1994 ought to preclude her from Sec State alone!
    She has (at the UN) stood in the way of raising the issue of genocide in the Congo ( DRC [Democratic Republic of the Congo]) also.

    She’s got what she didn’t have in ’94, a compliant press willing to make a genocide ”go away.”
    Like Obama and his idiotic belief in an Islamic renaissance, Rice seems to believe in an African renaissance.
    Anybody in the REAL WORLD seen an iota of either?

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