Anger Over Newsweek ‘First Gay President’ Cover

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Newsweek featured Barack Obama on the cover with a rainbow halo over his head with the title: “First Gay President.” And now the DUmmies are angry because of the effect that cover will have on the election this year. I don’t think Tina Brown was doing The One any favors when she chose that Newsweek cover. My thought is that the Newsweek folks and many other media liberals live in an insulated bubble which prevents them from seeing the damage that cover can do to the Bamster. However, many DUmmies are worried about this as well as ANGRY at Newsweek as you can see in this THREAD, “WOW, Newsweek Cover: “The First Gay President.” So let us now watch the DUmmies work up a rage over the Newsweek “First Gay President” cover in Bolshevik red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that the only person angrier over that cover than the Dummies is Barack himself, is in the [barackets]:

WOW, Newsweek Cover: “The First Gay President”

[Sometimes even Newsweek is accurate.]

Since the President himself is not gay, “Pro-Gay President” would be more exact..n/t

[Either way, Ben Burch will take it.]

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

[Whispered the voice from the Seinfeld wing of DUmmieland.]

WTF??? I know..I’m dreaming…a well-meaning fourth grade student was allowed to write the copy for the cover of an internationally distributed magazine…or…DC Comics has a new Bizarro World mag disguised for April Fools… Jesus…no, i’m awake. Did someone tell Michelle about this, or like Rudy Giuliani’s wife, who apparrently didn’t know she was getting a divorce, did she have to hear this stuff from the media?

[I think Michelle knew about this long, long ago.]

Yeah, I kind of agree. Beltway folks and politicos will get it almost certainly…but it’s going to cause the same sort of “Whaaa?” reaction from people that that goddamned awful New Yorker cover did, with Obama and his wife dressed up like terrorists, fist-bumping in the Oval Office did.

[Whaaa? …hahahahahahahaha!!!!!]

Wonder what Michelle will think of that.

[She will think that he is the first metrosexual president.]

I would hazard a guess that this won’t go over well with some people while most everyone was fine with the media pronouncing Clinton “the first black President.”

[It will go over quite well with Ben Burch.]

f*ck newsweek….the wingers will only see the headline….and believe it. 

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    Allow me to be personal, but when the bombs are falling and stuff is being blasted and destroyed I would not-not-not want to spend the night in a foxhole with him. He puts my creep-meter right into the red zone every time.

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    Showing my age, but I remember when gay meant happy! I couldn’t care less about the pandering POS that sullies our Oval Office and the name of our great country. God remove him from office and let the adults help us begin the recovery.

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