And We Hear From The Pro-Death Side…

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Tom Maguire @ JustOneMinute:

The NY Times delivers a takes a blast at pregnancy centers, which offer an alternative to the Times vision of abortions for all. Sadly, they can’t (or don’t want to) quote a single prominent liberal in favor of this implementation of “safe, legal and rare”:

Pregnancy Centers Gain Influence in Anti-Abortion Arena


WACO, Tex. — With free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, along with diapers, parenting classes and even temporary housing, pregnancy centers are playing an increasingly influential role in the anti-abortion movement. While most attention has focused on scores of new state laws restricting abortion, the centers have been growing in numbers and gaining state financing and support.

Largely run by conservative Christians, the centers say they offer what Roland Warren, head of Care Net, one of the largest pregnancy center organizations, described as “a compassionate approach to this issue.”

As they expand, they are adding on-call or on-site medical personnel and employing sophisticated strategies to attract women, including Internet search optimization and mobile units near Planned Parenthood clinics.

Internet search optimization? What’s next, using Hollywood doctors in ads? Ooops.

The story is totally one-sided in its finding of flaws. For example:

Abortion rights advocates have long called some of their approaches deceptive or manipulative. Medical and other experts say some dispense scientifically flawed information, exaggerating abortion’s risks.

Jean Schroedel, a Claremont Graduate University politics professor, said that “there are some positive aspects” to centers, but that “things pregnant women are told at many of these centers, some of it is really factually suspect.”

I suspect that somewhere a pro-life advocate has criticized abortion providers for presenting slanted information. That suspicion is not addressed by the Times. However, if we flash back to an Emily Bazelon contribution to the Times from 2010, we learn that abortion providers are embattled victims of the pro-life movement who are fighting back heroically. A bit of flavor:

In many ways, the clinics were a rebel-sister success story. Instead of a sterile and expensive hospital operating room, patients could go to a low-cost clinic with pastel walls and sympathetic staff members. At a Planned Parenthood I visited recently in Rochester, while women were having abortions, they could look at photos of a Caribbean beach, taped above them on the ceiling.

Nearly heaven!

And here is a Times classic:

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2 Responses to “And We Hear From The Pro-Death Side…”

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    I take care of critically ill babies in the NICU. (Hence the nom de plume).

    Any physician with a shred of integrity will acknowledge that the moment of conception results in a new unique chromosome collection within the zygote. It is no longer the mother’s egg nor the father’s spermatazoan, but a fusion of the two haploid collections of human DNA into a new, unique entity. The dehuminization the pro-abortion lobby uses in claiming that “it isn’t the same as a baby” ignores the fact that a newborn infant is not the same “whole person” the individual will be at 18 years old, which is not the same “Person” that individual will be at 40 years nor even at 70 years of age. That individual WILL, however, have the SAME EXACT DNA from the moment of gamete fusion into fertilized egg until the actual end of the individual’s life. That fertilized egg with 46 chromosomes is genetically HUMAN. It is not going to grow into a pencil, an iPhone, a gerbil, or even a chimpanzee. Claiming the fertilized egg isn’t human is nothing more than evil rationalization to avoid admitting that abortion is termination of human life in its most innocent and defenseless form.

    The bottom line is that abortion is the termination of a defenseless human life for the selfish convenience of two irresponsible people too self-absorbed to be responsible for their decision to have sex. Personally, I hold the abortionists to be utterly despicable, because they KNOW the scientific information presented above, but they only care how much money they can make killing humans in the womb. Politicians who force those of us who completely oppose abortion to be complicit in this murder of human life through taxpayer funding of abortion are even more loathesome.

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