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Imam Rauf, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar: the truth is offensive [Reader Post]

Imam Rauf, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar: the truth is offensive [Reader Post]

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The truth is offensive. It’s the new liberal dementia. Marwan al-Shehhi Fayez Banihammad Mohand al-Shehri Hamza al-Ghamdi Ahmed al-Ghamdi Hani Hanjour Khalid al-Mihdhar Majed Moqed Nawaf al-Hazmi Salem al-Hazmi Ziad Jarrah Ahmed al-Haznawi Ahmed al-Nami Saeed al-Ghamdi Mohamed Atta Waleed al-Shehri Wail al-Shehri Abdulaziz al-Omari Satam al-Suqami The above have one thing in common, and… Read more »

Fantasy Islam vs. The Real Islam [Reader Post]

Fantasy Islam vs. The Real Islam [Reader Post]

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Andrew McCarthy makes a great point in his post at NRO a few days ago: If only the fantasy were true: If only there actually were a dominant, pro-American, echt moderate Islam, an ideology so dedicated to human rights, so sternly set against savagery, that acts of terrorism were, by definition, “un-Islamic activity.” Imagine an… Read more »

Terror Strikes India on 9/11….01

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While checking out comments on Peter Feaver’s Reflections on 9/11 post, this commenter‘s link caught my eye (she seems to be “spamming/promoting” her post in comment sections on news sites). It’s an interesting piece from the perspective of an Indian woman who chose writing as a profession, came to the U.S. for her master’s degree,… Read more »

"Stupid S*** has consequences!"

“Stupid S*** has consequences!”

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People burned tires and blocked a highway in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, during a protest in reaction to a small American church’s plan to burn copies of the Koran. Rahmat Gul/Associated Press The fire became lit even before the first match was ever struck; It’s too late for the media to turn off the gas pump once… Read more »

Who are We Really Hurting by Burning the Qur'an?

Who are We Really Hurting by Burning the Qur’an?

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September 6, 2010 Afghans wave banners saying “Quran is our law, Islam is our religion” during a demonstration against the U.S. in Kabul. Hundreds railed against the U.S. and called for President Barack Obama’s death at the rally denouncing an American church’s plans to burn the Islamic holy book on Sept. 11. Musadeq Sadeq-AP As… Read more »

The “Elite” Argument Over The Ground Zero Mosque – “You Insensitive Bastards”

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Great article by Victor Davis Hanson on the Ground Zero Mosque today focusing on Mayor Bloomberg’s scolding of those who oppose the mosque, and the vast gulf between the elite and us regular folk: We’ve had nearly a month now of fruitless acrimony over the Ground Zero mosque. About everything that can be said has… Read more »

Are You A Islamaphobe Just Because You Oppose The Ground Zero Mosque? Islamophobiaphobia!

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Good article by Roger L. Simon on the term “Islamaphobia” that is being bandied around a lot lately over the Ground Zero Mosque: Along with “progressive” (a word that should be restricted to poker), “Islamophobia” is one of the more maddening propaganda constructs of our time. Orwell could not have done better. Of course we… Read more »