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The Depravity of ISIS

The Depravity of ISIS

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Yesterday I had seen the headlines regarding the murder/execution of ISIS hostages Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad and Fan Jinghui. But I only heard about this detail earlier this morning: “Our son and my brother was kidnapped and has been held hostage in Syria since January,” Mr. Grimsgaard-Ofstad’s parents and sister said in a statement on Wednesday,… Read more »


The Week Where Democrats Permanently Lost One of their Favorite Arguments

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As anybody knows, every Republican who achieves national recognition gets branded by the Radical Left with at least one of three labels: stupid, old, or evil. After Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the Democrats have permanently forfeited one of these labels, given how four of the most prominent figures have reacted to the attacks: First,… Read more »

ISIS's most powerful recruitment tool is Barack Obama

ISIS’s most powerful recruitment tool is Barack Obama

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  He’s lying. Obama is lying. He’s lying about everything. Obama says he can’t think of a more powerful recruiting tool for ISIS than worrying about American security: “I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric that’s coming out of here during the course of this debate.”… Read more »

The Refugee Crisis- Compassion vs. Caution

The Refugee Crisis- Compassion vs. Caution

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Amidst GOP presidential candidates (I believe with the exception of Jeb) and a number of governors appearing to be xenophobic and Islamophobic, the comedian-in-chief took their position as an opportunity to ridicule and belittle: Manila, Philippines (CNN)President Barack Obama sharply criticized Republicans Wednesday for suggesting that Syrian refugees coming to the United States posed a… Read more »

Exactly what the hell has Obama been bombing for the last couple of years?

Exactly what the hell has Obama been bombing for the last couple of years?

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  One of the very few honest things Barack Obama ever said came when he admitted he had no plan for ISIS. President Obama is facing intense criticism for admitting Thursday “we don’t have a strategy yet” for dealing with Islamic State militants in Syria, despite warnings from top military advisers and others that the… Read more »

Any Connection Between Snowden and 11 13 15 Paris Attacks?

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I cited Mike Morrell, former deputy CIA director, previously speaking out against Edward Snowden during a radio interview: HH: Mr. Morell, on Page 293, you talk about the treacherous Snowden. He’s just a traitor, and you write, “I believe that the Snowden disclosures will go down in history as the greatest compromise of classified information… Read more »

Why Obama doesn't want to defeat ISIS

Why Obama doesn’t want to defeat ISIS

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  Never let a good crisis go to waste. Some time ago I wrote that Barack Obama’s foreign policy for the remainder of his regime tenure was going to be sweep everything under the rug and leave the mess for his successor. It’s largely true, now I realize how horribly cynical it really is. Remember… Read more »

You thought Bush was incompetent? Meet the Abbott and Costello of foreign policy

You thought Bush was incompetent? Meet the Abbott and Costello of foreign policy

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  If you’re one of those who believe George W. Bush was incompetent, I’ve got something for you. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proved that they are less intelligent and less competent than George W. Bush. Proof? Libya. Following the fall of Saddam Hussein, there was no shortage of criticism of George W. Bush for his handling of… Read more »

Assad : Putin

Putin Goes To War . . . Real War . . . Again. Where Is Obama?

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Obama today ran to the podium using a horrendous crime at a college in Oregon to rail against guns. As traumatic as these insane killings are, when Obama addressed the Nation, barely any information was available from Oregon. What was he up to? Was he throwing a shiny object, gun control, out there for the media to goggle at while, . . . while what?