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Like The Man In A Silo

Like The Man In A Silo

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Friend —

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work.

Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it. Whether they will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them.

But both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing. We can send the message that the American people are playing by the rules and meeting their responsibilities—and it’s time for our leaders in Congress to meet theirs. And we must hold them accountable if they don’t.

So I’m asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step up and take action on jobs:


Sisyphus Stone [Reader Post]

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Donald Trump has changed everything, right now O’BigEars finds himself standing naked at ocean edge as the tide pulls out for a major tsunami. He is Sisyphus pushing the stone up the slope and the slope is getting steeper. This dilemma can be such a crush forcing a complete reevaluation and possible resignation. For me, such an attitude can be a one-way ticket to the psych-ward; but remember the verse, “woe comes not in single form it comes in swarms.” (Shakespeare).

Glenn Beck: “George Soros – Behind The Shadow Party” – Part 1

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I whittled down Glenn Beck’s show from yesterday to about 15 minutes for you. It’s the prelude to his week long series on George Soros and The Shadow Party. In it he starts to put together the pieces of the puzzle that make up the radical left and our main street media. More? Here is… Read more »

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” [Reader Post]

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” [Reader Post]

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Those are the words of George Soros. And he feels the United States must be destroyed. George Soros was born György Schwartz in Hungary in 1930. Soros, born a Jew but now an atheist, was the son of a Nazi colloaborator and accompanied his father while the father assisted in the confiscation of private property… Read more »

The NEA: Radicalizing Our Children [Reader Post]

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Look what crap can be found on the NEA’s website: Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer An inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer! Saul Alinsky wrote the book on American radicalism – two books, in fact: a 1945 best-seller, “Reveille for Radicals” and “Rules for Radicals” in 1971…. Read more »