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Hillary promises to keep half of all schools closed

Hillary promises to keep half of all schools closed

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  This was just too good to leave alone.   Washington Free Beacon: Hillary Clinton has the support of powerful teachers’ unions, but they may not like what she just said at an Iowa school on Tuesday. Speaking at Keota Junior-Senior High School in Keota, Iowa, Clinton said that underperforming schools would be closed under… Read more »

French reporters: Obama is an a**hole

French reporters: Obama is an a**hole

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  I keep telling you Barack Obama is a liar. I keep telling you Obama is a sociopath. He is. Yesterday he jumped the shark. Obama truly believes that saying things makes them true. To wit: While giving a press conference in Paris, President Barack Obama told reporters that the mass shootings that plague the… Read more »

Obama's nationalism: Corporations are the new Jews

Obama’s nationalism: Corporations are the new Jews

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‘I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong’ This is a very scary statement. We’ll get to it later. In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler galvanized a country around economic nationalism with the hatred of Jews, blaming them for all the evils in pre-war Germany. Hitler was an early community organizer, fomenting hate against those doing… Read more »


After Three Days Of Therapy Weiner Is Resurrected

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Anthony “visited” the Gabbard Center, a Houston based psychiatric facility that provides a 3-day outpatient psychiatric evaluation for professionals who are in personal or professional crisis, Weiner has declared himself healed.

Weiner supposedly sought treatment for his bizarre habit of sending lewd pictures of himself to young women, via the internet. He alludes to the possibility of more pictures of his private parts and alter ego popping up, but those will be from the days before he was cured.


Obama: Youtube video- "disgusting." Four Americans dead- "not optimal" [Reader Post]

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Four Americans murdered in Benghazi. Ho hum.

But a Youtube video about Islam? That’s really bad.

Every now and then Barack Obama blurts out something that really opens the door to his soul.


Say What? August 15, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]

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Nancy Pelosi: “He’s (Bush) saying something to the effect of we’re so glad to welcome you here, congratulations and I know you’ll probably have some different things to say about what is going on-which is correct. But, as he was saying this, he was fading and this other thing was happening to me. My chair was getting crowded in,” said Pelosi. “I swear this happened, never happened before, it never happened since. My chair was getting crowded in and I couldn’t figure out what it was, it was like this. And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were. More than I named and I could hear them say: `At last we have a seat at the table.’ And then they were gone.”


Say What? August 6th, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.: “I don’t think the burden should be on me.  The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes. Why didn’t he release his tax returns?”  Harry Reid, incidentally, has not released any tax returns.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: “Every day Mitt Romney has to talk about tax returns is a bad day for him and a good day for the Democrats.” Chuck’s right on this.


Say What? The July 30, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]

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Bill Moyers, PBS host: “The killer in Colorado waited only for an opportunity. And there you have it. The arsenal of democracy transformed into the arsenal of death. And the NRA — the NRA is the enabler of death. Paranoid, delusional, and as venomous as a scorpion.”

Bill O’Reilly: “Moyers has no clue, no clue at all. He apparently believes that federal and state governments can actually control gun crimes. That’s so dumb it hurts.  Chicago has banned handguns in public. How is that working out, Bill? So far this year… 1,136 shootings.  How about your state, Bill? New York? Well, it has a fourth toughest gun law in the country, it sounds good doesn’t it? Ready 2011, nearly 4,000 guns were confiscated by New York City cops. Just in the city… 4,000 guns. Yes, those tough gun laws, they’re working great, aren’t they? …You’re a genius, Bill. PBS is very lucky to have you.”

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Say What? July 23, 2012 Edition. Excellent week with new voices [Reader Post]

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Mark Steyn: “The definition of a ‘nano-second, is the time between a mass shooting and some guy from the left blaming it on talk radio, or Sarah Palin, or Fox News.’ “