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Obama Warns Congress…If You Vote Down Iran Deal It’s Going To Happen Anyway

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  Just one more circumstance Obama is giving Congress the middle finger: [Josh Earnest] predicted the international economic sanctions would collapse and Iran would get the economic benefits it has sought anyway — and noted that even if American sanctions stay in place Iran has far more at stake economically with sanctions from other countries… Read more »

The Obamacare hell that awaits you

The Obamacare hell that awaits you

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  Obamacare was sold to America on a set of false premises. The most famous of them?  “no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to… Read more »

Of treaties and treason

Of treaties and treason

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democrats have been fast and loose with accusations of treason of late. On the one hand, they threw the accusation at Tom Cotton for reminding everyone that the Senate gets offer advice and consent to any binding treaties the President engages in. Soon after they agreed to support in principle what Cotton stipulated. Hey, says… Read more »

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The next two years are going to be bad

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One sure way to know that a reporter either doesn’t know what he or she is talking about or is in complete denial is how they portray Obama. To wit, following the last election in which democrats were hammered some stories describe Obama as “humbled.” Daily Mail: Obama humbled as U.S. voters rise up against… Read more »

Meet Tom Perez : The goal of immigration is to marginalize whites

Meet Tom Perez : The goal of immigration is to marginalize whites

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Here’s another one of those post-election surprises coming from Obama. Labor Secretary Tom Perez is said to be a candidate to replace the departing loathsome Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States. Perez is possibly even more scary than Eric Holder: In addition to the race-based controversy surrounding the Minnesota, St Paul, quid-pro-quo,… Read more »

Missouri's incompetent Governor

Missouri’s incompetent Governor

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Meet Jay Nixon. File him under “feckless.” Jay Nixon is the Governor of Missouri. He’s a moron. Here’s why. Nixon declared himself “thunderstruck” by images of the Ferguson police department. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said today he was astounded by some of the images that came out of Ferguson depicting what he described as an… Read more »

Obama's nationalism: Corporations are the new Jews

Obama’s nationalism: Corporations are the new Jews

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‘I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong’ This is a very scary statement. We’ll get to it later. In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler galvanized a country around economic nationalism with the hatred of Jews, blaming them for all the evils in pre-war Germany. Hitler was an early community organizer, fomenting hate against those doing… Read more »

Obama's Coming Coup d’etat?

Obama’s Coming Coup d’etat?

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This is essentially the nexus of three articles that caught my eye. Barack Obama is on the edge of forcing a Constitutional crisis. Obama has already acted in an unconstitutional manner when he unilaterally rewrote IRS rules regarding Obamacare. Now he’s on the verge of doing it again. Remember- these aren’t extremists. Glenn Reynolds: LET’S… Read more »

Remember when liberals bristled at Bush's Executive Orders?

Remember when liberals bristled at Bush’s Executive Orders?

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There was a time not so long ago when liberals bristled at what they felt was the over-reach of the Executive branch. NY Times, Jan. 29, 2007 Congress, the Constitution and War: The Limits on Presidential Power But Mr. Cheney told only half the story. Congress has war powers, too, and with 70 percent of… Read more »


Obama’s Waterloo

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Go ahead, Obama. Act on your own. I got your red line right here. Prove that you believe yourself a king. Prove that the Constitution means nothing to you. Prove that you really think you’re a dictator. Prove you are a Marxist. Prove everything we’ve said about you is true. Guarantee us a GOP Senate… Read more »