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And We Thought Holder Was A Lackey

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The compassion and understanding of the Chief Liberal of the United States is awe inspiring. We have a woman, who is asking not for a new kitchen or for her mortgage and car payments to be paid, but simply to plead for the men who produced the intel that gave Obama the chance to be the BMOC (BIG Man On Campus) by killing the man responsible for her brother’s death and for the death of thousands of other Americans. And the Big Cheese turns his back on her for being so pretentious to challenge the omnipotent wisdom of the Holder/Obama Genius. In a more real world of true Authoritarian control, a less compassionate leader would have had her arrested and interrogated for doubting his omnipotence.

Enough with the Lawyers in Congress [Reader Post]

Enough with the Lawyers in Congress [Reader Post]

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How many times have you been watching a commercial for this or that medicine with images of a couple strolling through a bucolic meadow or scenes of a depressed woman who’s suddenly happy again only to be bombarded with a rapid-fire litany of potential side effects so scary that they would have kept Atilla the… Read more »