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Crying Wolf Movie [Reader Post]

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JD King, an aspiring filmmaker, has produced a documentary about the wolf reintroduction that was eye opening, sad, and scary all at the same time. I urge you to take an hour of time out of your busy life and watch this educational film about the effects that the wolf reintroduction is having on real people in the wolf recovery zone. JD also delves into the real agenda behind the program, and backs up his bold claim that “it was never about the wolves.”

This was taken at my second reenlistment ceremony at Ft. Stewart, GA

Our Constitution Is Under Assault

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I, CJ Grisham, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers… Read more »


The Socialist Elite

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The Elite, is almost a dubious term that few can define. Those who are Elites will never admit it, not even to themselves. In this article we will attempt to define the concept according to the writing of Orwell and the Socialist leaders of the mid-twentieth century and today. Orwell wrote, “There are some ideas… Read more »


Being A Community Organizer Isn’t As Great As You Might Think

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Community Organizing is a tough job, I threw my hat into the political ring as a young man. I ran as the Community Organizer of our little local ranching Community. No one ran against me and I won handily. I was quite impressed with my early success in politics and figured I was on the way up the political ladder. The position of Community Organizer had several responsibilities and people expected a lot from me in this unpaid political position. I rented out the community hall and made sure that all the burnt out light bulbs were replaced, I made sure there was toilet paper in the outhouse and that there were no drunks or animals sleeping in it, I attended the community pasture meetings and listened to the ranchers yell at each other, and I was in charge of the community grave yard.


Corruption In The Age Of Obama:The Loss Of Professionalism

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While teachers wail about their efforts being strictly for the welfare of the children, their veneer of professionalism wears thinner and thinner. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the teacher’s don’t want to give up their sense of entitlement and their position of minor Elitists within Obama’s Socialism. No! they have no intention of sharing the burden of financial responsibility, that is for the non-unionists: they are the ones who chose not to join the trade union movement; they are the ones who refuse to get on Obama’s Gravy Train that runs on other people’s money; let them eat cake or listen to Michelle rant about diet or listen to Teleprompter Reader himself tell us to forgo vacations as he sends his family to Vail to for a skiing vacation.