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Children traumatized by 2016 Election, with “profoundly negative effect”

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  Good grief: A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center showed children have been negatively impacted by the election, with kids’ classroom climate suffering drastically. The Monday report, which surveyed 10,000 teachers across the U.S., found many students were experiencing higher anxiety and there were more reported cases of “verbal harassment, the use… Read more »

The Flaming Hypocrite Sits Out the 2016 Election

The Flaming Hypocrite Sits Out the 2016 Election

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Yesterday morning, Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take went off on a tirade against Colin Kaepernick who either made a conscientious abstention from voting through non-participation- basically taking another knee over standing up; or he was simply lazy and disinterested. Either way, he undermines his own credibility to the political cause he came to… Read more »


You’re a retard if you think Trump ridiculed a disabled reporter

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There are plenty of things to despise about Trump. Certainly there is no shortage of ammunition that the Democrats have to fire at Trump- ammunition supplied by Trump himself. A liberal FB “friend” (I don’t really know her- have a mutual, actual friend) posted on her wall, “Disgusting. Trump is vile.” along with a link… Read more »