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Don’t Apologize, Don’t Be Silent. [Reader Post]

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order cialis online no prescription Gun control advocates are using this horrific tragedy to justify the promotion of an agenda that they have been progressing for decades. As David Axelrod said a few years back, “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” All the while, supporters of the Second Amendment, like me, are expected to… Read more »


Crying Wolf Movie [Reader Post]

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JD King, an aspiring filmmaker, has produced a documentary about the wolf reintroduction that was eye opening, sad, and scary all at the same time. I urge you to take an hour of time out of your busy life and watch this educational film about the effects that the wolf reintroduction is having on real people in the wolf recovery zone. JD also delves into the real agenda behind the program, and backs up his bold claim that “it was never about the wolves.”

The Case Against Community Service [Reader Post]

The Case Against Community Service [Reader Post]

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We’ve all seen it. In our schools, our children’s schools, public meetings, television shows, leadership seminars, political speeches, and even in legislation supported by the President, the message is clear: we should all be doing community service. The fact is that the call to service is greater now than at any time in our country’s… Read more »

WAKE UP CALL: Texas Governor backs resolution affirming sovereignty [Reader Post]

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Matt Drudge over at the DRUDGEREPORT pointed out this speech today from Governor Rick Perry of Texas dressing down the federal governments blatant disregard for the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, and reaffirming states’ rights and sovereignty. It is refreshing to see a governor stand up to the federal government and demand a return to… Read more »

It's Time to Cowboy Up and Buck the Endangered Species Act [Reader Post]

It’s Time to Cowboy Up and Buck the Endangered Species Act [Reader Post]

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In the 25+ years since the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA) was signed into law by President Nixon it has been used like a shock collar to keep individual States from wandering too far away from the herd. I’s initial purpose was noble, but in the quarter century since its inception the ESA has… Read more »

Obama Ujana - The Plan For Compulsive Service Under The Guise Of Government Run "Volunteer Service" - [Reader Post]

Obama Ujana – The Plan For Compulsive Service Under The Guise Of Government Run “Volunteer Service” – [Reader Post]

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Back on November 7, 2008, when President Obama was still President Elect Obama, the official website of his presidential transition was When the site was first posted, on the page labeled “America Serves,” Obama outlined his plan that would require that students perform a certain number of hours of community service. Within hours of… Read more »

If You Live In A Glass House...[Reader Post]

If You Live In A Glass House…[Reader Post]

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Andrew Glass was a quiet man. He had a couple of friends, but they all lived blocks away, and his best friend lived on the other side of town. His neighbors though, didn’t like him at all. Andy lived in a house that used to belong to his great grandparents, but the Basher family had… Read more »