Biography of I.B. Wright Ignatius Ben Wright, born in England to an American GI and a lovely British lass, a true War Baby born before the end of WWII. He left his homeland for the USA as an infant at the end of the war. He grew up in western Pennsylvania, spending his childhood between the city of his parents and the farm of his grandparents. With much of his childhood spent on a small working farm, I.B. understands the work ethic of Middle America well. Educated in public schools I.B. knew from childhood he would attend college. He first went to Slippery Rock State College, (now University). After a stint in the USAF where he was stationed in Alaska and Texas he returned to Ohio and earned his BS from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Immediately thereafter he began his career in hospital administration. While working he attended Central Michigan University and earned his MA in business management. He then moved his family, wife and two sons, to Saudi Arabia where he began what was to become a career in international healthcare management and business consulting. After 25+ years abroad, his wife now forgives him as initially the overseas junket was to be only two years. They have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan, the Philippines, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Maine, and Alaska. I.B. has returned to the USA and now spends his time in consulting, reading, writing, photography, US travel, and with his grandchildren. He describes himself as being a God-fearing American conservative with enough brains to get past the media labels on issues.

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Gangs and Violent Crimes [Reader Post]

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Opine – % of Violent Crimes attributed to Gangs? As we await the recommendations of the President’s Task Force to address gun violence or whatever it is called, one significant party was not invited to the party – GANGS! The other day as this reaction to the terrible massacre in Newtown developed; I was befuddled by… Read more »


No Family Left Behind [Reader Post]

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Executive Order — White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans

I am coming back to the President’s EO (Executive Order) as it bothers me. It bothers me on a number of levels. First I think he is missing the point entirely. Second, we as a nation, are abandoning entire segments of our population and creating a sub-culture of despair. Third, we as a nation are accepting the downfall of the family as the root of our strength as a nation.