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    Spurwing Plover

    So now pssing out plastic soda straws in Santa Barbara will get you six months in jail but passing out clean needles for drug addicts is perfectly okay just proof just how stupid liberal democrats are

  2. 4

    Nanny G

    We do owe the firefighters so much.
    Last night I read that, in CA alone, over 17,000 firefighters were working overtime to control CAs blazes.
    What needs to happen AFTER these fires is “Forest Management,” so it never happens on a scale like this again.
    Thin the forests of ALL dead trees, ALL diseased trees and then thin them some more to space out the trees so all the ones left get enough water each instead of drying up and turning to tinder.
    CA is, after a mere 40+ years, building a new water reserviour so it’s proof that they can buck their irrational “green” masters who don’t want anything touched.

  3. 5

    Spurwing Plover

    We need to start managing our forests better and quit allowing a bunch of idiot tree huggers/tree sitters to burn up the forests with their wreckless actions maybe its time to put the greens and Eco-Wackos and their leaders on these fires their burning up the trees that their precious Spotted Owls and Marbled Murlets supposedly need its time the greens showed some responsibilities

  4. 8

    Spurwing Plover

    Vegan animal rights wackos holding a stupid protests against fishing more proof that strict vegans have shrinking brains and the STRAW BAN more proof that enviromentalists have shrinking brains the birds and more intelligent then these hopeless fools are

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