Was an autistic young man used for assault on anti-trump protester?

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Autism written on the wipe board


I despise the garbage that comes on TV between 7 and 8 o’clock at night masquerading as infotainment. One of the trash shows is Inside Edition which lists its mission as “Breaking news and latest stories.” Inside Edition is the click bait of broadcast television. This genre of garbage lists heavily to the left and accuracy is to them what a bicycle is to a fish. Two nights ago night they reported a story on the assault of a “student” assaulting an anti-Trump supporter. This is how they framed it:

A student was arrested Monday after cops say he’s the one seen in a shocking video ramming into a Trump protester, sending him down a set of stairs during a rally at Ohio State University.

Shane Stanton was arrested by police in Columbus on Monday. The 24-year-old is allegedly the man heard yelling, “you idiot!” before slamming his body into Timothy Adams.

dams, who’d been addressing a crowd of protesters through a bullhorn, was smashed viciously to the ground. However, he sustained no serious injuries, according to campus newspaper The Lantern.

While Adams struggled to get up, the video appeared to show another protester emerge from the crowd and attack Stanton before other students and authorities intervened.

Stanton was arrested and faces indefinite suspension from the university, according to reports.

The University President was quick to address this crime:

“We protect First Amendment rights actively, but we do not under any circumstances tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, staff or visitors to our campus,” Drake said.

Here’s the video:

Expectedly, at the end of the segment IE played a segment of a Donald Trump video in which he asks his supporters to stop attacking minorities.

The second I saw this I knew that the kid coming down the stairs was autistic and I immediately told my wife he was.

It turns out Shane Michael Stanton, who is enrolled in OSU’s Sustainable Plant Systems programis indeed autistic. The tacklee, Tim Adams, has declined to press charges.

The victim, Tim Adams, said he originally wanted to press charges against Stanton because he thought this was a politically motivated attack. However, after he learned it wasn’t on Tuesday, he said he planned to ask for the charges against Stanton to be dropped.

Adams is a self-described socialist who had some interesting things to say:

The self-described Socialist said he was talking to the crowd about how the election has inspired violence when an apparent Trump supporter ran down the stairs and tackled him to the ground in the Ohio Union.

“This stuff will absolutely continue to happen. This is really just the beginning unless we’re able to organize and fight back against this kind of violence.”

Except that Stanton is not known as a Trump supporter:

None of the Trump supporters recognized the suspect.

“He’s not at all a part of the Students for Trump Organization,” said August Painter

Adams persisted:

“The candidate they’re supporting and the ideas they’re supporting you know you can’t separate that from this violence so I would really encourage them to rethink their politics.”

One problem. Stanton is a registered democrat and is said to be a hillary supporter:

“I actually personally know the assailant, and he is NOT a terrible person. Not by a long shot,” Drew Riedel, a friend of Shane Michael Stanton, wrote in a Facebook post. “He is part of the DD community (developmental disabilities) as he has Asperger’s and has worked really hard to adjust / socialize into the Ohio State community.”

Noting that Stanton is “actually a Hillary supporter,” Riedel added that “no one will have deeper remorse and regret than he will over letting his emotions get the best of him and for what physical damage could have been inflicted upon the victim. So before you assume anything about his character, please refrain.”

Via The American Mirror:

We have relatives on the autistic spectrum and we do not see this kind of behavior.  I find it more than curious how the autistic Stanton, not known for violent behavior, suddenly assaulted Adams as Adams was talking about “how the election has inspired violence.”

That’s way too coincidental for me.

Inside Edition had tarred Trump and his supporters without the benefit of the facts. Don’t be looking for them to correct their wretched reporting.


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    Nanny G

    I’m impressed that, just by seeing that brief moment of him moving on the steps, you could tell he was some form of autistic!
    But, you are correct about the media.
    IF they correct their record, they do it on-the-sly.
    Just changing the online version quietly without an official ”Correction.”
    Mostly, they just let errors against Donald Trump stand.

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