And you’re lecturing us about Trump?

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The IRS has announced that it has opened an investigation into the Clinton Foundation “pay to play” schemes:

The IRS confirmed in a letter it is looking into claims of “pay-to-play” practices at the Clinton Foundation, after dozens of Republican lawmakers requested a review of potential “criminal conduct” at the organization founded by the family at the center of this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in a July 22 letter to Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn that the issue has been “forwarded” to the IRS “Exempt Organizations Examinations” program in Dallas.

“This program considers all referrals and will send you a separate acknowledgement letter when it receives your information,” he wrote, in a letter first reported by The Daily Caller.

It’s unclear whether the agency might take any further action. The letter noted that, under the law, they could not reveal “any actions we may take on this information.”

There’s a lot of excitement from the right about this and I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but just forget this now. It’s not as if justice shouldn’t be served, it’s that it just won’t. This is going to go the way of the email scandal- that is to say, I suspect the IRS is opening an investigation as a means of exonerating the Clinton’s just as did Comey. The IRS is hopelessly corrupt and that brings me to the topic at hand.

The left is now lecturing us about how dangerous and reckless Donald Trump is. Really? Let’s review.

It wasn’t Trump who sold 2500 automatic weapons to Mexican cartels via Fast and Furious only to see them used in mass killings.

It wasn’t Trump’s Department of Labor who stonewalled for six years and then admitted destroying records sought under FOIA.

It wasn’t Trump who weaponized the IRS to target conservatives.

It wasn’t Trump who’s weaponized all of the government.

It wasn’t Trump’s IRS who destroyed Lois Lerner’s back-up emails after they were subpoenaed.

It wasn’t Trump who called ISIS the JV. Since the time obama dismissed them as the JV ISIS has killed more than 20,000 people.

It wasn’t Trump who toppled a sovereign country without any support from Congress.

It wasn’t Trump who admitted what was supposed to be Hillary’s greatest moment was his worst mistake.

It wasn’t Trump who gave ISIS a place to grow in Libya.

It wasn’t Trump who expanded warrantless surveillance of Americans.

It wasn’t Trump who promised “No more secrecy.” 

It wasn’t Trump who promised not to spy on innocent Americans and then renege.

It wasn’t Trump who decided not to enforce immigration laws.

It wasn’t Trump who flaunted the immigration laws and the courts.

It wasn’t Trump who won’t even mention ISIS at the Convention.

It wasn’t Trump who killed four Americans without due process.

It wasn’t Trump who lied 36 times about the ACA.

It wasn’t Trump who intentionally deceived Americans about the Iran deal and then brag about it.

It wasn’t Trump who was “extremely careless” with top secret intelligence.

It wasn’t Trump who lied repeatedly about his illicit private server.

It wasn’t Trump who made the US state secrets vulnerable.

It wasn’t Trump who incited a war on cops.

It wasn’t Trump who got millions of dollars for doling out US government favors.

It wasn’t Trump who lies about the TPP

It wasn’t Trump who said he was under sniper fire in Bosnia.

It wasn’t Trump who prefers BLM over the police.

It wasn’t Trump who banned uniformed police from the DNC Convention floor.


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And you’re lecturing us about how dangerous Trump is?

Shove it. Really. Shove it.












DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 101


    @john: John, you must have received your education under a Dimocrat system. You clearly can’t read, or add and subtract.

    Why stop your analysis with Clinton ???
    THE highest number of murders of any 2 term POTUS was under Ragan.

    Who is Ragan? Are you trying to refer us to Reagan? The average for the 8 years of Reagan was 722, the average for the 8 years of Clinton was 756, my education, under the American system says that 756 is more than 722.

    The highest total number of murders in one year was in Bush I’s last year when it peaked at 943, up slightly from the year before at 928

    But compare that to Clinton’s 931 in 94, almost the same. Kinda makes you wonder if the murders in Chicago are more related to what is going on in Chicago than what goes on in Washington.

  2. 103


    @john: If you’re typing while driving you are even more stupid than the average Dimocrat. In addition to breaking the law in most states.

    If typos upset you simply don’t resons or reply

    Is English your native language?

    I don’t sit on my butt like some here

    Oh, so you sit on your head and talk out of your ass? Yea, that explains it.

  3. 104


    Waiting at loading dock.
    Let me ask you something: is your life so empty at this point that you have nothing better to do than to wait for messages from me?
    I am in NYC now with a B class truck

  4. 105



    Let me ask you something: is your life so empty at this point that you have nothing better to do than to wait for messages from me?

    You have a vivid imagination. Whether better or not, I don’t ‘wait’ for messages from you and could not care if you ever write another one. Frankly if I were so ignorant as to be supporting a Hillary for president, I would never open my mouth.
    I think it’s interesting for you to admit to having a CDL and texting while driving.

    I am in NYC now with a B class truck

    Wow, what an interesting piece of information, and I’ll bet you’ll be excited to learn that I am NOT in NYC with a B class truck. Or any other class truck. If it weren’t for the Obozo economy, you might be able to find a job so that you wouldn’t have to spend so much time away from home, but your wife might not like that, she might want you on the road.
    Oh, and no rush on responding, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. 106


    @john: You seem to have ample time to regurgitate bullshit, though.

    By the way, isn’t texting and driving illegal? Could we have your tag and CDL number, please?

  6. 108


    Please note it is YOUrR choice to reply to me
    Apparently you simply have nothing better to do than chat with me
    Really, what does that have to say about your life?

  7. 109


    haha I actually like my job. And yes texting while driving IS a serious ticket. In NY 5 points and a 500 dollar fine for anyone holding a commercial license ABor C and that includes even when you are driving a car.
    But pulling and dropping containers means about 1/2 my time is parked and waiting
    You know something guys, you two are sounding like somebody’s bitchy wife. Is that the role you want in our relationship? The nagging wife? complaining about typos? asking for things like citations when you could easily find them yourselves?
    I know both of you are post menopause so why all the bitchin? Is it the tRump poll numbers? Is that it? Are you beginning to feel that 2016 is going to be the GOP going down in flames again?
    Even Fox News has Clinton up by 10
    And that was BEFORE the hot nude girl on girl porn from Ms Trump appeared which seems to have been done while she was here on a tourist 1995 If true that would constitute visa fraud and would invalidate her citizenship

  8. 110



    Really, what does that have to say about your life?

    It sure doesn’t say that I’m violating the law driving and texting. So you’re chatting on company time. Does your employer know about your habits of wasting company time? Are you gonna blow your horn when you pass by my house, or not?

    Please note it is YOUrR choice to reply to me

    Did I miss your answer about whether English is your native language?

  9. 111



    You know something guys, you two are sounding like somebody’s bitchy wife.

    While you appear to be the bratty, undisciplined child that thinks he should be able to say and do whatever he wants without any consequences. A whiny little tot that thinks everyone else owes him something and whenever he demands something, everyone should hop to it, but when HE is asked something, he can change the subject or just ignore it.

    I type on my phone while riding the train, standing up, going home. My phone is of the latest technology with the innovative new feature (this may even be a prototype which no other device has available) called “spell check”. If it ever becomes available to the general public, I would be on the lookout for it, if I were you.

  10. 112


    Still desperately waiting hopping for a reply ?
    Well this is actually the second time I have answered
    When driving a b truck almost half my day is waiting for a loading dock space or once I get in waiting to be loaded
    Also I have Siri !!! She can type any text I wish
    Now again with the nagging wife/scold routine, is that really who you want to be? The bitch?
    Still also waiting for your reply, I know you are post menopause so why act like you have PMS? Is it that the polls on tRump are getting you down ?
    Is it that the GOP nominee appears to have married a woman who illegally entered the country in 1995 to work in porn while using a tourist visa?
    Is that what’s bothering you?
    And yes English is my first language .
    Spell check ?
    I guess our chats here are rather more important to you than me apparently they are all you have in life
    Sort of makes me feel super important to you knowing how much you care
    For myself whether or not you reply really isn’t all that to me

  11. 113


    And riding a train ?? Supported by the tax dollars of others?
    Isn’t that a socialist means of transportation?
    Are you some sort of closet democrat ?
    Next thing we will hear is that you vacation in National Parks supported by the taxes of other hard working Americans

  12. 114



    And riding a train ?? Supported by the tax dollars of others?

    No, dumbass, supported by my fare. Are you familiar with paying your own way? Oh, that’s right… you’re a parasitic liberal.

    It also comes as a shock to you that others besides hypocritical tree-hugging liberal liars do what they can for the environment and crowded highways. I get tired of inconsiderate morons who hog lanes, cut people off and act like their priorities supersede everyone else’s (oh… sorry. Too close to home, huh?)

    Apparently you skip out on all your taxes, so you are not familiar with the public contribution.

  13. 116



    Your ticket price and that if others riding never covers the complete cost

    So I’m gonna guess that you think you personally paid the full cost of the Highways you drive on? Typical liberal ‘non-thought’ process.
    I am surprised you were not aware of that

    When driving a b truck almost half my day is waiting for a loading dock space or once I get in waiting to be loaded

    then why are you texting while driving as you say you have plenty of waiting time when you could do it? Oh, since you say English is your first language, then why aren’t you familiar with ‘spell-check’? You will note I responded to you ‘immediately’ because I was sitting here anxiously waiting to hear from a brilliant socialist.

  14. 117


    @john: True that early in the morning (I ride @ 4:30 am) there are those left jobless and homeless by the Booming Barack Economy that are probably not paying, but I did mention that I pay my taxes. You don’t know what “I pay taxes” means, do you?

  15. 120


    WoWw Bill that is an early commute but still you have no seat and must stand while texting ?
    The earliest i ever have to go is 5 to begin at 6 and there is always plenty of empty seats where are the trains so full at 4:30 am that you have to stand? Are crowded commuter trains at that time a sign of a strong economy ?
    Say RedTeam any updates on tRump poll numbers in CA?

    HAHA you two guys are such jokers !!!

  16. 122



    Bill that is an early commute but still you have no seat and must stand while texting ?

    I stand on the trip back (@ 1630) so that any ladies will have a seat. That’s how I, a conservative, roll.

    You would think a liberal would have a better grasp on the mass transit you purportedly support. Apparently, you are merely one more hypocritical liberal, like those touting “climate change” at the dirtiest place on earth at probably the biggest carbon footprint operating right now.

    Also, as a side note, one of the cops that was killed in Dallas (which the Democrats celebrate, supporting those who instigate the killings) was frequently on my train checking fares in the afternoon. I doubt you have ever seen the face of someone killed by the hateful ideology of liberalism, but in one case, I have.

    Oh and RedTeam fortunately diesels only produce 3% of the Carbon monoxide as gas engines

    Some diesels. Does yours? What year and model is it? I’ll look it up. You should also provide the VIN number, so I can determine if you are lying, again.

  17. 123


    3% is the average for ALL diesels not just the newer CARB compliant I guess you don’t already know to much about Diesel engines
    It is because the the much higher compression
    I myself drive a wide variety of equipment some A some B I get to pick and choose most are fairly new, most also with ultra shift or Allison

  18. 124



    Oh and RedTeam fortunately diesels only produce 3% of the Carbon monoxide as gas engines

    And unless you have an exhaust hose running into your Cab, why would you care about that? While CO might be a problem on Mars or Venus, it is hardly a problem in the US. Abortions kill many more humans each year than CO. The hood in Chicago kills more humans every day than die in the US each YEAR from CO. And no one is concerned about that.
    You neglected to tell me if you are using taxpayer dollar created highways or if you have them all paid for.
    Sorry if I’ve kept you sitting there, waiting for my response so you could dazzle us with more of your brilliance.

  19. 127



    3% is the average for ALL diesels not just the newer CARB compliant

    So, you drive some of the really dirty stuff and feel it necessary to discuss the average of all diesels.

    Why do you lead yourselves into such corners you cannot extradite yourself out of?

  20. 128


    haha Bill you are becoming obsessed here you are beginning to really assume the persona of a scold
    can’t you leave it alone ???
    Is this really what your whole life is about ? scolding
    Why are you so interested in me as a person ? are you hoping for some type of internet or otherwise relationship with me ? Why are you always asking me about my personal life? Is there something lacking in your own life?

  21. 131


    @john: YOU brought it up. Once again, expecting everyone else to come forth with answers why you scamper away from the questions posed at you.

    I could just see you at a traffic stop, explaining to the cop that your infractions are everyone else’s fault and he is a racist for even stopping you.

    Why are you so interested in me as a person ?

    It’s a science project. I want to know what kind of idiot thinks Hillary and Obama are competent leaders.

  22. 134


    @john: Juy chutyre mkjyoiud flumflum cvqea.

    I think you can probably read this. Your posts require deciphering what the hell you are writing THEN deciphering what the hell you are thinking. And, for all that, all it yields is stupidity. Really not worth the effort.

  23. 135


    It’s not just the left waving warning flags:

    Dozens of the nation’s most senior Republican national security officials, many of them former top aides or cabinet members for President George W. Bush, have signed a letter saying they will not vote for Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee.

    A Letter From G.O.P. National Security Officials Opposing Donald Trump

    “From a foreign policy perspective, Donald Trump is not qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief. Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous President and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

    That’s a very direct, unambiguous statement.

  24. 136

    George Wells

    “And you’re lecturing us about Trump?”

    Yes… because YOU nominated him.
    And how’s that working for you?
    Have you been LISTENING to your FIRST choice?
    I bet you even cheered as he pounded another rhetorical nail into his own presidential candidacy coffin with his suggestion that 2nd Amendment supporters SHOOT Hillary Clinton…
    Can you IMAGINE how many Flopping Aces articles would show up if Hillary Clinton said something THAT STUPID?
    But not a peep, since it was just Trump – YOUR Trump – deep-throating his own foot.
    Trump isn’t insane.
    He doesn’t WANT to be president, and he makes sure he doesn’t get the job EVERY DAY.
    And YOU nominated him.
    You need to wake up and stop blaming Democrats for your OWN failure to offer a candidate who can actually win a national election.
    YOU nominated Trump.
    YOU get what you deserve.
    …And you’d better start dusting off your collection of conspiracy theories to explain why Republicans lose elections, because you’re going to need them in November.

  25. 137


    @George Wells: Perhaps YOU should listen to him instead of the corrupt media.

    He never mentioned shooting anyone; he referred to the combined political power of the Second Amendment supporters.

    Those people aren’t in the assassination business; the left is.

    By the way, are you supporting the candidate that strategically places a homophobic supporter of radical Islam, whose homophobic, radical Islamic son murdered 49 gays, at her rally? Isn’t that sort of an insult to gays, her way of saying, “Hey, you stupid gays… vote for me even though I pander to the homophobic radical Islamists.”?

    I think it is.

  26. 138

    George Wells

    @Bill #137:

    You can think what you want.
    I can only speak for myself when I tell you I have no issue with whomever attends Hillary’s rallies. Neither do I have a problem with the sorts of Americans who attend Trump rallies. It’s a free country. If I PERSONALLY vetted all political assembly attendees on the basis of their individual positions and/or beliefs, there’d be no one present at such events. But God didn’t die and put me in charge, so that’s that.

    I heard what Trump said. He’s a master of Elementary School innuendo and boot camp double entendre. If you missed his thinly veiled threat, you might want to watch where you’re stepping, ’cause you’re going to trip over your own dumb feet.

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