Helter Skelter: Black Lives Matter trying to succeed where Charles Manson failed…

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Not in the literal sense. Charles Manson wanted to incite a race war because he thought that after a race war that saw blacks kill all non blacks (Manson and his “family” would survive however…) that he would return to rule them. You can be pretty sure that the Black Lives Matter guys aren’t seeking to start a race war so they can be ruled by a white guy… But they certainly seem to want a race war.Just as Charles Manson was not connected with reality, the ideas behind the Black Lives Matter movement are equally disconnected to reality. Remember “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!”?

Black Lives Matter peddles the fiction that black men across the country are in mortal danger from police. That is simply a lie. An interesting study was just reported in the New York Times that showed that although black men are approximately 20% more likely to have a physical confrontation with police when compared with white men, they are also approximately 20% LESS likely to be shot by police when compared with white men in similar situations… A few years ago the Washington Post reported similar findings.

What is not a lie however is the fact that the lives of black man are indeed in danger, but that danger comes from other black men… not the police. To put that in crystal clear perspective, according to the CDC, the number one cause of death among black men between the ages of 15 & 34 is homicide. Literally, 43.7% of the young men in that cohort who die each year are murdered! The equivalent rate for white men in the same cohort is 7.3%. And regardless of the lies BLM tells you, most of those thousands of young black men are not being killed by police, they are being killed by other black men.

And it is thousands… In 2014, according to the FBI, 5,209 black men were murdered in the United States, 90% of those by other black men. During that same year 268 black men were killed by the police… that number includes criminals in shootouts with police, those resisting arrest and others threatening citizens. In addition, typically only 10% of those killed by police are unarmed, although unarmed doesn’t mean they weren’t a danger to police or others.  So, as a thought exercise, let’s imagine that 50% of the fatal shootings of black men were unjustified.  That would mean that 134 innocent black men were killed by police that year.  At the same time, we know that 5,209 black men were killed, 90% of them by other blacks.  That equates to 4,688 black men killed by other black men.  So… do the math absent the BLM calculator… even assuming that 50% of all police shootings of black men are unjustified – when the real number is likely in the low single digits – black men are still 35 times as likely to be killed by other black men than they are by the police.

There are no doubt instances of innocent black men being killed by bad cops. But that number is literally a tiny fraction of the encounters black men have with cops annually. And that’s the problem with the BLM. It’s a race pimp movement that focuses massive amounts of attention on a problem that is infinitesimally small when compared to real dangers that black men face… i.e. murder at the hands of other black men, violence perpetrated by other black men, unemployment, lack of positive role models in the home, etc.

BLM makes it out as if America in 2016 is the same as it was in 1950 and maybe not so different than it was in 1870… But that’s simply not true. We’ve probably come 95% of the way in eliminating racial barriers in this country and while more still needs to be done, BLM proffers the fiction that the problem keeping so many black men from succeeding in America is white cops and institutional racism. Neither is true, and to the extent that BLM and Al Sharpton and Barack Obama focus on that they aren’t focusing on the real, substantive issues that could give young black men real opportunities to succeed in life like a good education, a good entry level job to learn marketable skills and a nuclear family where a mother and father are able to provide good moral values and teach him to work hard, have respect for others and basically how to grow up to be a successful man.

But those things are hard and there’s no press or money in it while protesting and snarling traffic are easy… and they generate lots of press and big checks from liberal white guys like George Soros. And that’s the key to understanding the BLM movement… It’s fundamentally just another liberal group seeking money and power. Facts don’t matter. Results don’t matter. BLM is little different than the government’s war on poverty. Americans have spent $40 trillion “fighting” poverty and we’re exactly where we were when we started. The program is a failure, but lots of people are making lots of money off it. Same deal with the ethanol boondoggle.

Liberals aren’t in the business of solving problems. They are in the business of getting money for pretending to try and solve problems. Facts and outcomes are simply irrelevant. Success is measured by how much money or TV appearances can be generated, not how many people can actually be helped. And so it is with the Black Lives Matter movement. Create the illusion that black men around the country are being hunted down and killed by an army of rouge racist white cops then step in and take up the position of defender of the innocents… This is pure propaganda for the purpose of gaining attention, money and finally power. So what if the fictional “Hands up! Don’t Shot!” meme set Ferguson, MO aflame? So what if protests ignite a powder keg in Baltimore that results in a sharp uptick in murders – most of the victims being black? So what if black men are so incensed by the BLM fiction that they start shooting cops from New York to Texas to Louisiana? Not really good for anybody, but at least the Black Lives Matter leaders get a lot of cable TV airtime.

It’s maybe no coincidence that race relations today seem to be as bad as they were in the 1960’s when Charles Manson was seeking to start his own race war. On the backdrop of a president who has been making race an issue for eight years we have Black Lives Matter out in the streets trying to incite unrest and acting as the spark for violent protests. When times are difficult and there is much angst among the citizenry there will always be charlatans who try to inflame tempers for their own gain. Charles Manson and the Black Lives Matter movements may have had very different long term goals, but the blood spilled in their names is very much the same. The only difference is that with BLM the amount of blood is much larger, and Charlie was never invited to the White House

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    @Bill: Dont they waterboard our special forces for training purposes?
    The military unless things got real bad here would not stage a coup, hell if they were going to it would be this admin, trying a man for murder because he ordered 3 crazy muslims speeding toward his men on a motorcycle to be shot.
    First Lieutenant Clint Lorance 1 of those afganis escaped. Leaving a Marine in a mexican Prison for crossing the border by accident with a gun, until the media raised a long loud stink about it.
    The Military Times recently published a poll that showed only 15 percent of the U.S. military approves of President Obama.
    The liberals are grasping at straws with this coup sh#t they know nothing.
    Only an anemic 15% of military members had a favorable impression of Hillary.

  2. 58

    Doesn’t matter to you


    I have no explanation for your made up bullshit. You explain it since you’re inventing it.

    Blow you? In which bathroom, asshole? I’ll let you pick.

  3. 59


    @Doesn’t matter to you: No, you have no basis for your disagreement with my points other than there is no excuse for the left to continue to pander to racists to continue to promote unrest and violence. So, you’re intelligent response?

    “F U”. Waaa. “I support racists and I don’t know why, so F U.”

    Come on, stupid…. why is it that all the incidents the left promote as examples of racism are NEVER about race? Give it some though… I think even an idiot like you can figure it out and shifting your brain out of neutral (coasting on a flow of liberal propaganda) and just easing it into first gear might open entirely new horizons for you.

  4. 61


    @john: No, YOU show me. I have proven time and time again that the accusations are political. You need to prove me wrong with YOUR evidence.

    Otherwise, this is yet another example of liberal cowardice.

  5. 62


    Do you think that you are the KING of the Internet and can command people to do as you demand ?
    Haha you are funny guy to pretend to be the King
    If you can’t be bothered to even google who in the military said they would refuse to obey orders to waterboard I can only assume that you don’t really want to know

  6. 64

    Doesn’t matter to you


    You made the statement, you back it up. That’s how it works.

    But of course, you made it up. Pulling shit right out of your ass. Your bowels must be thick. Get them checked. You must be in great pain.

    You want an intelligent response? I learned long ago not to try and rationalize with irrational people.

    You think racist people go around declaring they “hate those people?” That’s beyond naive, and I’m sure you’re aware.

    So, seriously….

    go fuck yourself.

  7. 65


    Tsktsk tgere you go again trying to order other people to do your wishes
    Bill why would you possibly think that you could command others to do what you want and get anything but laughs in return ? What kind if fantasy world do you live in where you think I am going to do what YOU want ?
    But don’t hold back any of the hate or resentment eating away at you
    Look around your fantasy world is crumbling
    Your past is gone and you don’t seem to like what you see as your future

  8. 66

    Doesn’t matter to you

    All of this excusing the violation of the rights of citizens and then making shit up to justify it…. right down to the stated RNC platform.

    Then you cry that you’re the victims.

    Sociopathic, disingenuous, dangerous sacks of shit.

  9. 67


    @Doesn’t matter to you: Nope, YOU have charged, by agreeing with other left wing liars, that police are shooting blacks based on race. So, either you are supporting the lies or you have the evidence to support your position.

    You don’t. There isn’t any. From Ferguson to Baton Rouge, there have been no racially-motivated shootings by cops. None.

    @john: So, therefore, between two lying, cowardly liberals, no evidence… none. Just like you can never produce a basis to accuse Trump of racism, so you fail to support the left’s claim of racist police.

    Gutless, cowardly, cop-hating trash.

  10. 68

    Doesn’t matter to you


    The truth is apparent. Very apparent. You deny it…. why?

    Because it hurts your feelings to accept the corruption that’s been evident for too long.

    Fucking coward can’t face what’s in front of you.

    Eat shit.

  11. 72


    King Bill is upset the people he thinks of as hiscsubjectscare not responding
    Perhaps he will begin mixing insults in with his edicts ( and yes that was a pun)

  12. 73


    @john: All I need from any of you idiots is your response in insults or profanity. This is confirmation you KNOW you are trying to use race as a weapon, that you are supporting the murder of innocent cops and civilians and you encourage the destructive protests based on racist lies.

  13. 74


    “All I need from any of you idiots is your response in insults or profanity”
    ????? Wtf
    Now we all have needs, and not all are the same Bill, but how is it happened you acquired a need to be insulted and abused ?
    Knowing that you actually NEED that sort of takes the fun out if it
    But I will take a screenshot of this

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